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(comedy, crime)
Download Movie Let's Go to PrisonJohn Lyshitski is a car stealing slacker, with a weed problem, and has been in Illinois' Rossmore State Penitentiary so many times, he knows it's entire population of both staff and cons by their fast names. Cursed with the old ill luck of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in possession of the wrong car, he's been deemed a lost cause repeat offender in the eyes of everyone else. When the heartless judge, who has been behind most of his sentences, goes to the big court house in the sky, John decides to ruin the man's legacy by having the judge's only offspring, Nelson Biederman IV, thrown in the slammer along with him. Here, the world-class selfish jerk learns a certain old lesson the hard way: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. But has John somewhat gone too far in the payback department?


Dax Shepard as John Lyshitski
Will Arnett as Nelson Biederman IV
Chi McBride as Barry
David Koechner as Shanahan
Dylan Baker as Warden
Michael Shannon as Lynard
Miguel Nino as Jesus
Jay Whittaker as Icepick
Amy Hill as Judge Eva Fwae Wun
David Darlow as Judge Biederman
Joseph Marcus as Pawn Broker
Nick Phalen as John - 8 years
A.J. Balance as John - 18 years
Jerry Minor as Breen Guard
Mary Seibel as Old Bartender
Bob Odenkirk

A critical and box office flop (gross less than $ 5 million during its
cinema exhibition) LET'S GO to jail, based on the book "Are You
Go to Jail" ; by Jim Hogshire, is one of three strengths of comedies
2006 that were dumped entirely on its distributors (the two are
Fox releases, the Adam Sandler produced grandmother of the child, and Mike Judge ' ;
s Idiocracy, also starring Dax Shepard). Put out during competitiveness
Thanks season in just over 1000 cinemas
virtually no advertising, there is no chance of surviving the film more than two
week in cinemas. Not everything that is the most marketable picture.
Light is not enough to be a simple comedy, but is not that
dark. More than most dark comedies, but compared with the Very Bad Things, is
anything. Although the tone is never quite perfect, the film is
however, most hilarious throughout his brief operation insanely
time. Dax Shepard, Will Arnett, Chi McBride, Bob Odenkirk and David Koechner
are all very funny in their roles and appears to be having a good time with their
parties. Odenkirk, obviously, working with a
low budget and limited resources, manages admirably, even when it is not even clear
was complete creative freedom. The end
definitely seems that something has changed. Reportedly, much of the
the film was changed, probably due to the manipulation of study so it is not nearly as good as
could have been, but it is still worth renting on video.
Fans of "Mr. Show" and "Arrested Development" should especially enjoy
. 8 / 10
I found this film to be a lot of fun with an original story.
The story is about a habitual criminal who comes several times before the same judge to be sentenced
. The method produces a vengeance this judge
after which his release from prison, frameworks son of the judge in a crime that sends
the son of the judge to jail. The habitual offender commits a crime then
the killing in his cell and then the fun starts.

This is obviously a dark-humored comedy and had more laughter
me that I had anticipated. It was given only a 5-star IMDb users so that
not expecting much but it's pretty good. I am surprised that
not get high visibility in the theaters. In fact, I never heard of this movie
at all. It is incredible that crappy comedy films like Wild Hogs and
I Think I Love My Wife get all the attention while the film really fun
like this go through. But what can be done because there really is no
star power in this movie. You will recognize the actors and actresses from
many of them have appeared in many films as supporting characters. It is only
who do not have the name recognition.

The only weakness I found in this film was the crime with which
the son of the judge is framed. The writers should have thought more than one
plausible reason for his imprisonment. However, after reflection, this figure is
comedy and the entire film is a stretch of the imagination
so I am overlooking this weakness.

I'm not saying, however, that this is a great comedy, but it's nice and I had quite
laughter throughout the film and
in my opinion, it deserves a 7. If you like Van Wilder, Sorority Boys, and
Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle kinds of movies, then you
this as well.

Download Let's Go to Prison
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