Keeping the Faith

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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Keeping the FaithA love triangle between three friends. Rabbi Jake Schram and Father Brian Finn, two friends, are out to update their religions and draw in more worshipers. With the arrival of Anna Reilly, an old childhood friend of the two, the men's lives are thrown a curve ball. Anna has become a stunning beauty with a lot of spunk and ambition, and both of them want her. A major road block to Anna for both men is their religion. Jake is up for a head position at his synagogue and taking on a non-Jewish partner is frowned upon, besides the fact that his mother disowned his brother for marrying a non-Jewish woman. Brian has given a vow of celibacy to become a priest.


Ben Stiller as Rabbi Jake Schram
Edward Norton as Father Brian Finn
Jenna Elfman as Anna Riley
Anne Bancroft as Ruth Schram
Eli Wallach as Rabbi Ben Lewis
Ron Rifkin as Larry Friedman
Milos Forman as Father Havel
Holland Taylor as Bonnie Rose
Lisa Edelstein as Ali Decker
Rena Sofer as Rachel Rose
Ken Leung as Don
Brian George as Paulie Chopra
Catherine Lloyd Burns as Debbie
Susie Essman as Ellen Friedman
Stuart Blumberg as Len
Edward Norton

This is a very good movie and I think it perfectly hits all the things
wants in life. Great friends and significant others. It's just a beautiful film
I have to say (for a comedy) and a Ben Stiller movie is quite
jokeless. Good acting, good direction of a good story and good everything.
There was one thing that was a great while. The form used Fe
Edward Norton in this movie. I've never seen so many representations of faith in a movie and actually enjoyed
. I do not believe in the church and things, but these two
clerics are far beyond cold, ROCK!

My favorite in this is undoubtedly a Jenna Elfman. She is so fresh and attractive
. I mean, there are so many beautiful women in Hollywood, but
see a man in the shiny, glittery eyes and I'm sold. She has just as much
natural glow about her is truly amazing. Good choice! I can only beg
producers to use more as productions, she's beautiful, she can act
and she is very sympathetic as well.

7 out of 10
I loved this movie. I did not expect much from this film, considering that
really do not know what it was, but from the moment it began
captured my interest. The story of a rabbi and a priest
being best friends just seemed so beautiful to me. There is no religious
cracks in this movie and shows how they all must agree among themselves

So these friends are reunited with their Grade 8 best friend, who
returns as a beautiful woman grown. There is an obvious immediate
attraction of the two boys to it. The only problem is that the rabbi can not
with her because she is not Jewish and the priest can not
because he took an oath of celibacy. The good part of this
the film apart from the chemistry between all actors in this movie is
you do not know what will happen. It is not as predictable and
you really feel for the players which is rare these days.
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet romance.

Download Keeping the Faith
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