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(action, crime, drama, sci-fi)
Download Movie Alien AgentRykker is an intergalactic warrior trapped on Earth, destined to fight a gang of ruthless aliens known as The Syndicate. The syndicate is an alien fifth column plotting to take over the world. The film opens with a spectacular highway chase, as Rykker liquidates several syndicate agents. Saylon is a top syndicate leader who comes from outer space and crash-lands on Earth. His mission to build a wormhole link between Earth and the alien planet - a portal - making possible a full-scale invasion of the Earth. Isis is the sexy and ruthless leader of the syndicate on Earth. While launching a robbery spree to steal the spare parts necessary to build the portal, Isis becomes hell bent on destroying Rykker and clearing the way for Saylon's master plan. Julie is a fifteen year old who's family is murdered During the hijacking of a truck carrying material for the portal. Julie left totally alone in the world, Seeks vengeance on the killers. Rykker also seeks to find them. He must stop them before they complete the portal and flood the world with alien scum. Julie and Rykker are thrown together by tragic circumstance. They hook up - actually, she follows him against his will; he tries and tries to ditch her, but she keeps popping up, even saving his life at one point - and embark on a cross country journey, with Isis and an army of syndicate killers in hot pursuit. The final showdown, inside a nuclear reactor, is a balls to the wall action climax, as Rykker and Julie battle Isis, Saylon and their army of killers, and try to prevent the portal from opening a rein of destruction upon Earth.


Mark Dacascos as Rykker
Emma Lahana as Julie
Billy Zane as
Kim Coates as Roderick
Luke Darnell as Guard
Rob Hayter as Deputy Sheriff
Sean O. Roberts as Jerry
Darren Shahlavi as Kaylor
John Tench as C.C.
Dominiquie Vandenberg as Sartek
Amelia Cooke as Isis
Lindsay Maxwell as Monica
Kelsey McIlroy as Little girl at cafe
Jesse Johnson

Alient agent sits somewhere between a good grade B, and an average of one degree

The story goes as follows: An ancient and highly evolved alien race
are seeking a new home planet. Being both very intelligent and evolved
made a decree not to resolve any inhabited planets,
what is good for us as the Earth is only one of the two planets that have
a hope of solution before dies of his race.

Defying Decree, a rebel faction on the planet of foreign origin
attempt to invade Earth. They send scouts to (through some kind of celestial bodies
projectiles) that have the ability to revive human bodies with their
force of life (once the man is dead of course) is therefore , Take charge of their appearance
humanely and properly doing all foreigners
appear as human beings for the duration of the film.

These foreigners are stronger than humans and have ordered other skills, as
regeneration and mental awareness, your goal is to build a portal
his own world, which allows them to send their armies and take over
land - presumably sending around the world of meteorite is too difficult.

all is not lost! Some good guys get wind of evil factions and plans
send their best agent, the "lone ranger" named Ryker (Mark Dacascos)
stop them.

Overall the film is quite pleasant. There are some inconsistencies
, but most of her very well together.
There are many scenes of fighting, most of them are very fun to watch, even if somewhat predictable
. The only notable exception being marred by poor editing
speed - director note: Mark Dacascos is fast enough!
Marc Dacascos plays well and the only crossed his unlikely Sidekick
Emma Lahana (Julie) did almost too good a job sometimes
demeanors change so fast it is difficult to maintain.

His lack of big CGI animation and special effects works in his favor
mostly, the film seems better for him. In fact, some of the worst
part in the film are utterly unconvincing when
CGI effects are used to cure Ryker (do not worry - there are not many), I can not help but think that would
been best left to the imagination of viewers.

I personally would not buy this movie, but it would be a good
to watch on TV or renting, especially for sci-fi fans.
A handful of foreigners come to earth looking to colonize the planet (
damned aliens!). A "good foreign" played by Mark Dacascos (who is chairman
in the U.S. version of "Iron Chef") comes to fight them, because the good
foreigners think they can colonize another planet, and not
ending with the participation of all mankind. But the weapon of choice for these foreigners are
machine guns ... and the man, who likes to make their machine guns! Not
lasers for these foreigners! Good abroad meets a girl
played by Emma Lahana, the Yellow Power Ranger Dino Thunder
in the series, and she is so nice and warm as ever, although he gave his only body
most ridiculous double / shower scene in history (
that resembles the body double was another film).

hence, sounds fun? Well, it is. If you're waiting for greatness - or even
sense and continuity - steer clear, but for a fast pace
little sci-fi action film, can do much worse.

Download Alien Agent
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