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(comedy, crime)
Download Movie First SundayDurell and LeeJohn are best friends and bumbling petty criminals. When told they have one week to pay a $17,000 debt or Durell will lose his son, they come up with a desperate scheme to rob their neighborhood church. Instead, they end up spending the night in the presence of the Lord and are forced to deal with much more than they bargained for.


David Arnold as Wheelchair thief
Michael Beach as
P.J. Byrne as
Paul Campbell as
Ice Cube as Durell
Antwone Dickey as Pirate
Calvin Harrison as Officer Perry
Trae Ireland as Himself
Roy Jackson as Boyfriend
Ken-Ali as Church goer
Chi McBride as
Tracy Morgan as LeeJohn
Clifton Powell as
Reynaldo Rey as
C.J. Sanders as Durell Jr.
David E. Talbert

First Sunday is about two losers played by Ice Cube and Tracey Morgan.
The two boys go through life getting to problems with the law and once again
again. The courtroom scenes have a white prosecutor and a black female
counsel, there is a fun moment between them in the first room
scene. Ice cubes character tries to do good, but Tracey Morgan maintains
get into trouble, so in this movie plagued clique
what happens? They have to get money to buy outside
problems and stop ice cubes as a child in motion. They decide to steal from a church
, that's when the film finally takes off, halfway through the film
. Katt Williams is funny but tries too hard. It becomes a whodunit
for a few minutes. Long story short, the deacon of the church
was stolen money anyway, so the judge lets go and Morgan Cube,
that reform blah blah blah. OK, I thought it could have been much
fun, too preachy and not originals. It really looked like a
Christian film, which is what was done for Tyler Perry fan base.
Williams, Morgan Cube and all have been better, it was a disappointment and
a loss of $ 5. If you're a head or a Christian cocoon as you might
. If you are a Republican or a filmmaker probably hate you.
It is difficult to decide whether to praise or crucify director David E. Talbert
to make "First Sunday," but because it is not completed
blasphemy, I think he can be forgiven.

Now that I have these word games off the road, "First Sunday" is a film about two friends
, Durell (Ice Cube) and LeeJohn (Tracy Morgan), which
Are also bumbling criminals. To pay a debt of $ 17,000 to
Durell can keep her son, the two decide to hold a church for its
large amount of the donation money. As the plan begins to crumble,
both learn a lot about themselves did not expect that.

Being a fan of "30 Rock", I was eager to see Morgan
take on a movie role, and I think what pulls off so well as it does in
TV. He is quite the same type of character though, so no
that a quantum leap. His party also probably would have been better if
the letter has been the same.

do not want to go to a rant, Ice Cube, but it really showed me
with this film which is a trick of a horse. He is not a bad actor, but when it comes to
comedy is always the same. I am quite sure that only got
work in this because of his character in "Are we there yet?"
Films. It is simply the same thing and I'd like to see him do something
else. Seeing as I have not seen much of his work, I suppose I could always
start there.

As I said before, writing is not the best.
There were some amusing moments, but each character was generic and each plot is cliché.
I thought the idea of the film is interesting at first, but
could have been dragged out better.

After all, "First Sunday" is not as horrible as it sounds of
trailers and such, and I really did enjoy it. I just do not think
going to join my DVD shelf in the near future. I will probably buy Juno
later this year instead.

Work: 6 / 10 Writing: 4 / 10 Video / Edition: 4 / 10 Audio / Music: 2 / 10
Entertainment: 4 / 10

End Result : 4 / 10

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