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(mystery, thriller)
Download Movie ImpulseActing on impulse, CLAIRE DENNISON, enjoys a brief fling with a sexy stranger (a dead ringer for her husband), only to realize that the object of her desire is a crazed, manipulative, and tenacious psychopath.


C. Ernst Harth as Herbie
Taku Kawai as Japanese Translator
Angus Macfadyen as Dr. Jonathan Dennison/Simon Philips
Darren Moore as Malcolm
Ron Selmour as Hector
Pablo Silveira as Che
Marco Soriano as Pierre
Richard Stroh as Sam
Lindsay Collins as Rachel
Willa Ford as Claire Dennison
Lowela Jotie as Jen
Stephanie Marois as Lena
Laura Soltis as Joan
Ingrid Torrance as Melissa
Charles T. Kanganis

Im not a big fan of Tim Matheson, but I must admit that I liked this film.It
was dark and a little bit with some disturbing scenes a little nervous, not
is known to classify this film a bit her SF and a bit of horror
thriller.I saw this bar at around 2:00 a.m. more or less in my local channel
there was nothing else so I decided to see it.If you have not seen this movie
id recommend that their reality is not so bad, the characters are interesting
but not enough to realize its full potential
could have done this film even more better.I don, t know if this movie was to
the film but felt like it was for television or video was directly i
buy one for this case, s DVD that fits very well with my kind of movie and has a small
bit of the X-Files attached to the story it.Government
shifty companies or corporations involved in dodgy shadow
dealings.Overall a good movie.
I've seen this movie in 1984, began to look "This is
Tap the backbone" and after 5 minutes we were ready to sleep. Therefore,
went to see this film. If you have any conspiracy theory
turn in your head, you will want to watch this one.

The question has to wonder if you see this movie are as follows: Do you
Cree that the government would be able to do this? (
In my opinion there is no doubt that they could)

But I do not want to give too much information that would be a spoiler
and I think you should see the movie for yourself.

But just to let you know, still talk about this movie 20 years
and later trying to explain to people that this is not the easiest thing in the world
be done.

Download Impulse
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