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(drama, thriller)
Download Movie EnoughAn abused woman (Lopez) discovers that the dream man (Campbell) she married isn't who she thought he was. She and her daughter try to escape (aided by her previous boyfriend, played by Futterman), but he pursues her relentlessly. Fearing also for the safety of her daughter, she decides that there's only one way out of the marriage: kill him. 'Fred Ward (I)' (qv) has a guest-starring role.


Jennifer Lopez as Slim Hiller
Bill Campbell as Mitch Hiller
Tessa Allen as Gracie Hiller
Juliette Lewis as Ginny
Dan Futterman as Joe
Noah Wyle as Robbie
Fred Ward as Jupiter
Janet Carroll as Mrs. Hiller
Bill Cobbs as Jim Toller
Christopher Maher as Phil
Bruce A. Young as Instructor
Bruce French as Homeowner
Ruben Madera as Teddy
Dan Martin as FBI Agent
Jeff Kober as FBI Agent
Michael Apted

*** *** Spoilers soft
Enough is about a waitress named Slim (Jennifer Lopez) who is swept off her

Chivalrous and feet by a charming man named Mitch (Bill Campbell). After

a few happy years, Slim is in the kitchen when her husband goes off pager.
Curious, dials, only to discover that her husband is cheating

its ignition. She was immediately confronted him, and their hits for the first time.

A few weeks later, she decides to run, taking Gracie (Tessa Allen) with her, but
was arrested again by Hurricane Mitch in cuffs. Heroic, friends of Slim
shown in the nick of time and save Slim and Gracie. Shortly Slim and Gracie are in
later, hiding throughout the country, but Mitch is always near his
Finally she begins an intense self-defense training-that she will learn

to fight back. After all, she gets her revenge and Gracie and
saves itself from the clutches of evil Mitch.

Michael Apted, the director, is trying to show how women are less likely

to live with a man who beats her in today's world. Slim's intense training

and the initial fight with Mitch shows that women are gaining strength

what would have been rejected fifty years ago. Apted also wants
women who are in relationships as Slim to know that there are ways and
not have to live with him. Apted put an end to illustrate how women are not
most defenseless, but can be as strong as or stronger than a man

I like the way Apted shows how far a woman will go to protect his son.
The way in which Slim was revenge that women can take control of
their lives and not live under the rule of an abusive husband. The way
that their friends are for it and help it all possible means
is also very attractive to me. This is a film that shows how women
stand against a man who beats-and win.
... who have had Enough of turning the other cheek! I am sure there are many

survivors of abuse out there that could identify with what she went through

and wishes that they had the strength to follow in his footsteps. Kudos to
someone's imagination "what if I could defend themselves?"!

Download Enough
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