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(fantasy, horror, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie VideodromeMax runs a TV channel, and is looking for new material to show...he discovers - Videodrome. His girlfriend, Nicki Brand, goes to audition for Videodrome, and Max gets drawn into the underlying plot which uses Videodrome as its front.


James Woods as Max Renn
Sonja Smits as Bianca O'Blivion
Deborah Harry as Nicki Brand
Peter Dvorsky as Harlan
Leslie Carlson as Barry Convex
Jack Creley as Brian O'Blivion
Lynne Gorman as Masha
Julie Khaner as Bridey
Reiner Schwartz as Moses
David Bolt as Raphael
Lally Cadeau as Rena King
Henry Gomez as Brolley
Harvey Chao as Japanese Salesman
David Tsub++chi as Japanese Salesman
Kay Hawtrey as Matron
David Cronenberg

James Woods plays a scuzzy, low-life TV producer (the type of character he

played exceptionally well and has come to love before
performances in films such as' Salvador ' ) That hooks to see a pirate

snuff movie channel, but soon discovers that not everything is as it seems to be
and transmission are not issued at all but actually a tape
Brainwashed he acts in self-mutilation of his body, soon
believes that it can hardly even himself or control his body.

A great first half with tremendous performances by the three cables, steps

up a gear or two in the second half. A very creepy and original film that
only weirder and weirder! Highly recommended. Peter.
The president of the Civic TV - Channel 83, Max Renn (James Wood), is
We are always looking for new cheap and erotic films for cable television
. When your employee Harlan (Peter Dvorsky) decodes a pirate
broadcast video showing the torture, murder and mutilation called
Videodrome, Max becomes an obsession to get these films for its channel.
For its supplier contacts Masha (Lynne Gorman) and asks him to find the
responsible for the transmission. A couple of days later, tells Masha
Videodrome is real, real snuff movies. Max's girlfriend Nicki sadomasochist
Brand (Deborah Harry) decides to travel to Pittsburgh
to get an audition for the show. Max investigates and more, across
a video of the expert Professor Brian O'Blivion (Jack Creley),
learns that the television screen that would be the retina of the eye of the mind, being
part of the brain, and Videodrome transmission creates a brain tumor in
the viewer, changing the reality on video hallucination.

"Videodrome", in my view, is a prophetic film by David Cronenberg
. The first time I saw this movie was in 1985 or 1986, when
video-clubs, where novelty in Brazil, and the local price of a
videotape was more than U.S. $ 650.00. On that occasion, I remember that
I was impressed with this visually gore, weird and strange movie.
Twenty-three years later, I saw on DVD and I realize the
vision of this great director. He was able to anticipate the importance of television
for humanity, influencing people with messages sublimated,
manipulation of audiences and becoming very powerful, and how violence in
screen can generate violence. I especially like the following appointments:
"The television screen is the retina of the eye of the mind" and "
Television is the reality, and reality is less television. "Last but not least
therefore, Brazil is not in Central America, but in South americas.
My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Videodrome - A Syndrome do Video" ( "Videodrome - Video

Download Videodrome
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