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(drama, romance)
Download Movie Perfect OppositesIn the Midwest of USA, the sweethearts Drew (Martin Henderson) and Julia (Piper Perabo) are graduating in the college. Drew convinces Julia to move with him to Los Angeles, where his sister Terri (Kathleen Wilhoite) lives and got a job for him. The young couple become close friends of their neighbors Elyse (Jennifer Tilly) and Lenny Steinberg (Artie Lange ), who owns a small real estate business. However, the immature Drew breaks the relationship with Julia, afraid of the consequences of their commitment.


Martin Henderson as Drew Curtis
Piper Perabo as Julia Bishop
Jason Winer as Danny
Andrew Keegan as Trey Reynolds
Marisa Theodore as Ice Cream Attendant
Kathleen Wilhoite as Terri Curtis
Jennifer Tilly as Elyse Steinberg
Artie Lange as Lenny Steinberg
Derek Basco as Katute
Joe Pantoliano as Louis Carbonelli
Jennifer Julian as Yogurt Attendant
Cheryl Reeves as Katie
Nichole Hiltz as Celeste
Aaron Paul as Monty Brandt
Jesse Capelli as Aubrey
Matt Cooper

I loved this movie! Usually, these projections are painful proof

for me because I am a critical person. This film worked for me on so many levels-mainly
the casting was impeccable and his performances
very satisfactory. Most striking is that the film succeeds in creating

that old romantic comedy where the leads are real '
movie stars'.
You love because they have charisma, screen presence and chemistry

and you can not simply look away! In these films, actors are truly

character actors who, because of the generosity of potential customers, each piece steal

scene they are in. It has been years since he had a romantic comedy
any success or appeal to me. Usually, these films are tortured with
post-Freudian/post-modern anguish trying to reinvent the genre
fazer takes as unattractive and neurotic filmmakers as the public may think
Relate. "Love and Sex" is a case in point nadir of post-whatever
romantic comedy. This movie stars the unlikely coupling of the ex-Bond girl
/ Woody Allen alum / model Famke Jansen struggling to be modern in New York City and

with a warm and fuzzy time with Jon Favreau, once the favorite

anti-movie star. Or "Happy Accidents" Marisa Tomei, Vincent D'Onofrio
romantic comedy that suffers and even more desperate need to mitigate the

gender doing his leadership a space alien without having seen the
"Starman" with Jeff Bridges for pointers. These and others like them
represent the soul of capturing CLUELESS filmmakers trying to re -

invent the wheel only to eliminate an evil, narcissistic acting exercises

It seems to me that these "extravagant" indie romances
have a chip on their shoulder
, as having been backed into a corner angry, shouting
his head. His appearance and style is often suffocating and claustrophobic
. I found "Piece of My Heart" refreshing and familiar, old-fashioned way
their movies with movie stars and predictable formulas
always promised a good time, a real leak. The selection must

a group of fourteen-year-old girls. The film has been an obvious success with

and someone commented that they were the real audience for this movie.

I disagree. I have sat through movies designed for this demographic,

replete with fart jokes and ribald enough stupidity and sincerity to last them through
High School. "A piece of my heart" is too sincere and guileless

also do that. It was achieved despite the obstacles of a jaded "post-modern '
public, and you actually have the elusive ingredient that love stories
(no matter when
) have always Chemistry-to come!

And yet, it seems as outdated as such verve and
modern style.
The characters are utterly contemporary. The look is a fun kaleidoscope

life. The edition has all the modern vernacular wit and youth culture

has come to expect and love. Everything that is not simple
achievement in my estimation. What comes across is true movie magic!
In "Perfect Opposites," Drew and Julia, two college graduates "
school in the Midwest," deciding to head to LA to start life together as a couple committed
( no more than a movement, as is clear from
college scenes were filmed in fact USC). However, in no time at all
, the pressures of trying to establish their careers, along with
Drew's innate fear of commitment, end up putting a severe strain on the relationship

"Perfect Opposites" is a fairly conventional romantic comedy that makes
at least offer some glimmers of awareness of the complexities of
male-female relations, although the motivations of some
of the characters' actions are arbitrary and sometimes strangely inscrutable.
however, as complications arise, we are identifying
with the two main characters more than they expected in early
history. Unfortunately, the film insists on parading a bunch of cutesy
THE stereotypes before the camera, much lower than
sense of reality set forth in the scenes between Julia and Drew.
There is a very funny scene in which Drew old college room sets
about his theory that men and women fit into the pattern of evolutionary
things, but the film fails to that level of intelligence
comics very often.

As Drew and Julia, Martin Henderson and Piper Perabo
make an attractive, likable couple, and the secondary
artists do what they can with characters that have been handed over.

"Perfect Opposites" is a movie that lasts a call, because she feels
both artificial and more or less realistic in equal measure. It takes a little
more mature world view than most films of its kind, for the construction
a final scene that is a bit more reflective of what we are accustomed
in a romantic comedy. For that reason alone deserves some recognition

Download Perfect Opposites
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