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Download Movie Bad News BearsMorris Buttermaker (Thornton), an alcoholic pest removal worker and former professional baseball player (for a very short time), is recruited to coach and train a failing baseball team of 12 year olds which is about to be thrown out of the league. Although the team does not win the first place in the next championship, it does achieve a great comeback.


Billy Bob Thornton as Morris Buttermaker
Greg Kinnear as Roy Bullock
Marcia Gay Harden as Liz Whitewood
Sammi Kane Kraft as Amanda Whurlitzer
Ridge Canipe as Toby Whitewood
Brandon Craggs as Mike Engelberg
Jeffrey Davies as Kelly Leak
Timmy Deters as Tanner Boyle
Carlos Estrada as Miguel Agilar
Emmanuel Estrada as Jose Agilar
Troy Gentile as Matthew Hooper
Kenneth 'K.C.' Harris as Ahmad Abdul Rahim
Aman Johal as Prem Lahiri
Tyler Patrick Jones as Timmy Lupus
Jeffrey Tedmori as Garo Daragabrigadien
Richard Linklater

I'm generally a fan of Richard Linklater and studying Mr Thorton
one of the best actors and writers we have. I would like to put the two dead
nuts in it. The original structure is a flawless piece of work and
his version was horrendous and stupid. All
the original did with grace, skill and humor that most downtrodden
unnecessarily. Whenever changed Lancaster
original script that he did touch and without screwing up the pace of the piece

see the original. It remains a masterpiece and one of the largest
sports films ever made. This is a cheap remake that should never have been made
. Therefore, many great scripts and premises have been screwed,
why not start with the remake and original script by JJ Abrams
"Regarding Henry" another film when a director first class did
his best work. Now that must be renewed as scheduled Abrams.

the best ever written anything, nor have most of the rest of us.
Unskilled workers, belligerent group of young men in a loss of Little League baseball team
obtain an alcoholic who eventually coach
cleans up its act - and his own. Any film aficionado well acquainted with the 1976
Michael Ritchie film "The Bad News Bears" remake see the
in a perpetual state of deprivation. For each new ingredient added (
a child in a wheelchair, Hooters waitresses at the margin, a skateband
interlude), a classic sequence was reduced, funny lines omitted, a bracing sense of
importance missing, and uncharismatic, not Pluss
child actors who walk through their roles colorlessly. Of course,
Billy Bob Thornton is a substitute Walter Matthau, but Matthau
not carry the original movie all by himself, and Thornton is not entirely in character
anyway (which is only through breezing). The set of principles
morning feeling Southern California lack of Little League, and
urgency of the original se ha ido, too (the kids have something riding on these games
). Director Richard Linklater, of course, was fond of
Version 1976, but he knows the notes without hearing the music he plays comedy update
supplies without seeing the relevance, and its
tone and narrative are obstinately simple (except for the strange
opening sequence, which immediately gives the picture out on the wrong foot
). A botched sad. * 1 / 2 to ****

Download Bad News Bears
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