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Download Movie Battle for HadithaAn investigation of the massacre of 24 men, women and children in Haditha, Iraq allegedly shot by 4 U.S. Marines in retaliation for the death of a U.S. Marine killed by a roadside bomb. The movie follows the story of the Marines of Kilo Company, an Iraqi family, and the insurgents who plant the roadside bomb.


Elliot Ruiz as Cpl. Ramirez
Yasmine Hanani as Hiba
Andrew McLaren as Capt. Sampson
Matthew Knoll as Cpl. Matthews
Thomas Hennessy as Doc
Vernon Gaines as Lcpl. Sosa
Danny Martinez as Lcpl. Santos
Joe Chacon as Lcpl. Lopez
Eric Mehalacopoulos as Sgt. Ross
Jase Willette as Pfc. Cuthbert
Antonio Tostado as Lcpl. Jimenez
Tony Spencer as Pfc. Roberts
Nick Shakoour as Pfc. Hanoon
Alysha Westlake as CNN News Anchor
Oliver Bytrus as Jafar
Nick Broomfield

In this new film that few in americas will be seen in cinemas, the English
documentarian Nick Broomfield has taken his skill set in a feature
description of a real case for the Iraq war and dramatized and
embellished often harrowing realism. Broomfield has humanized
an atrocity of americas, the so-called "Battle of Haditha"
of November 19, 2005, in which several dozen Iraqi civilians in the city homonymous
were slaughtered by a small squad of marines in retaliation for a
hidden road bomb killed one of his men and two others seriously injured
. Broomfield humanizes the whole world. The "insurgents" that the plant
bomb, paid to do so by Al Qaida in Iraq people who do not trust or
as well, is a man who was in the Iraqi army destroyed by Paul Bremer,
grown and his son, who sells DVD'sa American soldiers. Civilians
who happen to live near the road when the bomb goes off are closely
a child fascinated by chickens, a big family, part of circumcision, a partner with a
child in the way they are deeply in love. All these are real and
fact known to the audience of the film. But so are the
Marines, especially the main body Ramirez (Elliot Ruiz), which
although barely twenty, is so tired of battle he is tormented by dreams and
guilt and can not sleep. It is that Ramirez, cracks under the strain and
insomnia and given a favourable opinion of the bodies were higher
somewhere with electronic maps (distant kills are like a video game), leads
The rampage of murder, then collapses and cries when rising
another day.

All this is very interesting, and murder are similar to those of
De Palma flashy, but a very slipshod 'delete', but so very, very < br> different in this new context with the simplest shoot - just a digital camera that
be forgotten after a while, while De Palma
slashing his nose in multiple media channels, others American soldiers
less specific here, but perhaps more raw and authentic, some of them as
Ruiz were at war, and served, and know how to act
without being told.

But what is extraordinary in Broomfield movie none of this is not so much as
one thing that normally respondents from americas
have hardly seemed to notice. That is: not only the Iraqis are seen closely,
The Iraqis are real, speaking Iraqi Arabic, and many of them, like the young actor who plays
Ramirez, also in Furthermore
as victims and non-combatants, war veterans, who now live where the film was made
they fled to in Jordan. When Ramirez shows a large scar on his leg and
said that almost lost, Ruiz is the real battle scar. Ruiz
performance is a new type of conviction.

Why Americans on notice that the Iraqi Arabic, the real
Iraqi non-actors playing the role of the insurgents and the inhabitants of the place, and why
what they care? In fact, even the choir to whom this war against
the film is preaching are ignorant and indifferent to the specific characteristics of
Middle East cultural reality as the naive and Headstrong men who
us in war and the poor and uneducated men who have carried out
and died in her back and maimed and mentally damaged from it. But
in the future, this issue can reach, and even the term
americas Iraq war veterans. Language is important, and culture is important
. One should not have to say that. But if it is understood,
imperial indifference of "bringing democracy to the Middle East"
could collapse, and does not seem so easy to think that killing a hundred thousand civilians
that make us friends.

Use real Iraqis and a seaman who lead an Iraq war vet was
master strokes, but this does not excuse the film in many ways
be free and dangerously lower Despite the multiple viewpoints, still
sometimes biased. The Iraqi civilians who become victims are given a
fairy tale simplicity, his participation or complicity in weapons and explosives
, but alluded to are not specific to any of the victims.
had to be something more specific about a seafarer who are not

The chief bad guys, what seems right, are those who are in a quite, the Navy
supervisors outside the front, and the local imam, whose promotion
of the villagers to ignore the danger and celebrate
is a cynical gesture to worsen the victims and make them seem more cruel
to the media.

Broomfield has used blunt instruments to shape its history and its
ending is a bit confusing (in part of necessity, since the accused
Marines have not yet been tried ). However, the authenticity, particularly
of Iraqis, but of the whole scene, wins the battle of Haditha
a special place in the less-than-stellar list of Iraq war movies delivered until
I did mourn. Only

I realized issues are as follows: The translation from Arabic is spoken
sometimes misleading and has no relation to what actually said.

Some of the actors' accents are not Iraqis (Palestine, Egypt and other
...), but most are Iraqis.

is still a great movie that shows what happens in Iraq and that war is ugly

is one of the few films that show the issue from the other side.

is large, so is the scenery (which does look a lot like Iraq).

I say once again that made me mourn much.

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