Roanoke: The Lost Colony

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Download Movie Roanoke: The Lost ColonyWhen supplies became paltry, John White, as governor of the colony at Roanoke Island, was elected to return to England. In doing so he left his pregnant daughter, Eleanor, behind to govern the colony. Upon his homecoming, White found his return to Roanoke to be delayed by war. Desperate and with few options he turned to an enemy, Simon Fernandez, for help. After a time of preparation and turmoil, the unauthorized expedition left for the colony. As her father tries to return, Eleanor struggles to keep the fledgling colony afloat. With food and supplies depleted, dissent begins to grow. Each day brings a longing for White's return and fears of the consequences should he fail. What greets John White on his arrival has become one of the greatest mysteries of American History.


James Alexander as Sir Walter Raleigh
Michael Armstrong as Waits
Andy Courtney as John White
Misha Crosby as Tom Alexander
Jack Juniper as Young John Smith
Fraser Knight as Ananias Dare
Marcus Massey as Sailor Edward
Anthony Morter as Captain Barlowe
Damian Morter as Crusty
Ryan Newberry as Goodson
Leander Pittis as MacNair
Ivor Potter as Simon Fernandez
Nick Thomas-Webster as Colony Elder
Brogan West as Nathaniel Hawthorne
Charlotte Elizabeth Hunter Billson as Eleanor Dare
Bertie Stephens

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