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Download Movie BornMary Elizabeth goes to bed alone one night, still a 21 year old virgin, and wakes up the next morning...pregnant. Possessed by the demon fetus growing within her womb, Mary Elizabeth obeys her homicidal cravings to kill...for the sake of her unborn spawn. Mary Elizabeth's dark transformation, controlled by her unborn demon child, is driven by it's dark cravings. Once the child is born there will be hell on earth. From this apparent immaculate conception comes edge of your seat terror.


Alison Brie as Mary Elizabeth
Kane Hodder as Asmodeus/Cardinal
Denise Crosby as Catherine
James T. Callahan as Albert
Alex D'Lerma as Father Nick
Eddie Velez as Father Anthony
Vince Lozano as Ivan
Azalea Davila as Jennifer
Joan Severance as Dr. Sammael
Rick McCallum as Trucker
Julie Costello as Twin
Jorg Sirtl as Lars
Shawnie Costello as Twin
Roger Hewlett as Doorman
Mike Muscat as Bum
Richard Friedman

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