Drowning Mona

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(comedy, crime, mystery)
Download Movie Drowning MonaWhen Mona's key won't fit in her Yugo, she tries it in her son's; when it works, she borrows his car. The brakes fail; she goes through the guard rail, into the river, and drowns. When police chief Rash learns that the brake lines were cut, he looks for a murderer. Suspect one: Mona's dim son Jeff, whom she constantly denigrated. Suspect two: her husband Phil, whom she constantly belittled and who's having an affair with Rona, a waitress with a secret of her own. Suspect three: Jeff's landscape partner Bobby, who wants Jeff out, has yelled at Mona that he'd like to rip out her ovaries, and who is soon to be Rash's son-in-law. Can Rash find the killer and keep Bobby out of jail?


Danny DeVito as Chief Wyatt Rash
Bette Midler as Mona Dearly
Neve Campbell as Ellen Rash
Jamie Lee Curtis as Rona Mace
Casey Affleck as Bobby Calzone
William Fichtner as Phil Dearly
Marcus Thomas as Jeff Dearly
Peter Dobson as Lt. Feege Gruber
Kathleen Wilhoite as Lucinda
Tracey Walter as Clarence
Will Ferrell as Cubby the Funeral Director
Paul Ben-Victor as Deputy Tony Carlucci
Paul Schulze as Deputy Jimmy D.
Mark Pellegrino as Murph Calzone
Raymond O'Connor as Father Tom Stowick
Nick Gomez

Why are people so hard in Drowning Mona? I just see
and enjoyed a lot. In the coming years I think it will be seen as
the same genus as The Good Girl - an attempt to bring
very ordinary people to life without apologizing for their regular. In
Good Girl, Jennifer Aniston are working hard to represent a stream,
poorly educated young in a dead-end job. She has to
really work hard to curb the natural intelligence of a very bright
mind and make his silly enough ordinary girl. But what makes
beautifully. In Drowning Mona - portray Bobby calzone, Casey
"Affleck has a similar problem. I think he creates his character brilliantly
. I am very surprised to find higher on this page that Casey
ashamed of her work in this film. Can this be true?
Seems quite possible - in my DVD package that is the only major
cast members who did not give an interview. Casey
is handsome and charming, but manages to leave an impression terminal
dumbness. All the boy wants to make a reasonable living fixing
gardens, but their problems seem insurmountable and that will
to it. I get the feeling that none of the cast were agitated or excited
Drowning Mona with - you need to see a series of interviews with
this judge. But this is a film of little success in their own
terms and has a lot of gentle humor in it. Affleck, DeVito, Midler,
Lee Curtis make a very professional piece as if it were
wait. As a former columnist I think the company gardening
hysterically funny motto: J & B gardens and green spaces - 'Yes, we fazer that. " I get the impression the entire cast through a reading rather
'slim' script and said exactly that.
I think this film is panoramic, when he arrived for the first time, and I do not know why
. It is truly a jewel
understated comedy that deserves wider recognition. The performances are perfect (with the exception of
Campbell) and the dialogue is hysterical.

William Fichtner steals the show as the sleazy "battered husband."
His performance is tops in a stellar cast. Marcus Thomas is excellent as his son and partner
lazy landscaping for Affleck, who is wonderful as long
nervous and suffering from lead. Will Ferrell makes a great cameo as creepy

Are there flaws? Of course. As mentioned another comment, Tracy
Walter's character, Clarence, could have been further developed. Also,
some of the other characters' run-ins with Mona probably could have been better
detailed and, moreover, the resolution is not the most satisfactory.
But this movie is less about the plot and characterizations largest
riotous and dialogue.

I have the DVD and I roll with laughter whenever I see it, although
I have practically memorized it. This film should be remembered as

Download Drowning Mona
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