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Download Movie TeethHigh school student Dawn works hard at suppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group's most active participant. Her task is made even more difficult by her bad boy stepbrother Brad's increasingly provocative behavior at home. A stranger to her own body, innocent Dawn discovers she has a toothed vagina when she becomes the object of violence. As she struggles to comprehend her anatomical uniqueness, Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power of being a living example of the vagina dentata myth.


Jess Weixler as Dawn
John Hensley as Brad
Josh Pais as Dr. Godfrey
Hale Appleman as Tobey Cobb
Paul Galvan as Teen Boy
Trent Moore as Mr. Vincent
David E. Rogers as Family Member at Movie
Timothy L. Rogers as Family member at movie
Taylor Sheppard as Mr. Griffith
Ashley Springer as Ryan
Hunter Ulvog as Young Brad
Lenny von Dohlen as BILL
Adam Wagner as Phil
Vivienne Benesch as Kim
Leslie Dawn Forsyth as Nurse
Mitchell Lichtenstein

The castration in the film is a rarity and usually is not an issue that attracts
hearings, but Mitchell Director Lichstenstein
Teeth is very different from previous deals that have addressed gender
as castration anxiety and fear. The film begins with two brothers step
game "show me yours I'll show you mine" in a children's pool, only for Brad
(John Hensley) mysteriously cut to his finger. The truth of the matter is
Dawn (Jess Weixler) is a condition mutated, referred to in mythology as
Vagina dentata, which explains Brad finger bleeding.
The film cuts immediately to twelve years later and Dawn
is now the leading figure in a group of chastity, therefore, desirable
explain why she still be unaware of their status.

As the film progresses it becomes curious Dawn of your body and
is forced to confront its mutation into a violation. She inadvertently
castrated his attacker and the time to realize what he has done is equally horrified.
The man, bleeding profusely, fled the scene leaving her distraught.
The scene, and several of those who come are horrible and if
watching with others, you'll find that men in the audience will be the
Wincing and cross-legged. Teeth is a movie that reverses the bias
stereotype of a woman victim meeting his doom
by means of a Phallic object, usually a knife. Penetration,
apparently, is in favour of a form of execution in many horror films, but here is the dismemberment
through castration. That said,
should be noted that Dawn is not a character who revels in his
"capacity", is horrified to learn their status and seeks
discover more. She did not exercise their power, nor is it bent on revenge
- unlike films Carrie, I Spit in his grave or Baise Moi. In
Teeth is a female character who has yet to determine what is best for her
, only the end of their drums dealing with his step brother
clues to what she has become or what that will become - could also
referred to a sequel. Teeth struggles to establish itself, which
know that it is a horror, but feels more tender and sincere
that perhaps it should. The public is likely to feel compassion for Dawn and
empathise with his status, perhaps more than manufacturers are
intent. Thus the film amounts to tender image of young girls
trip in the treatment of sexual awareness.

Ultimately Teeth approaches to male castration
probably the most primitive fashion. It perpetuates the myth of retells
fear of the unknown to men, vagina, and the mysteries that lurk in its depths
. It is a myth that has been said again and told for generations and
across civilizations, examples can be found in Greek mythology
and artifacts that date back thousands of years. Feminists believe that
its very existence is the verification of an innate fear of women. For many psychoanalysts
male castration anxiety is an issue for
exploration and research, some even cited as being at the same
all the bases of horror. Because the film deals with this issue, and
thus has raised some eyebrows as some critics believe the
film that is derogative of men. This is because they represent either
craving sex, if violent, weak or as focal points of humiliation.
It is true that there is no strong male characters in this movie, but give me
pen and paper and I will write a very long list of all movies
where there is no strong female characters, most of whom are
horrors. The fact that the man is the victim in the Teeth
simply facilitates their history, being a vagina with Teeth.

Many of the film-making aspects of the film are in any case
competent. Directorially however, the film is welcome. The camera
not shy away from the breakdown of the members as they fall to the ground and
or limit the blood sample. A scene that illustrates this and do
across sticks in my mind is that the couple,
after being castrated during sexual intercourse, blood of his ejaculate disorderly
stump. Any mediocre horror will have a scene that plays in the
mind after the final hearing and made for the Teeth, is one.

despite Teeth I welcome a genre rife with misogynistic
films and weak female characters, I can not help but feel that
could have been better. For me no Teeth to match the promise of its premise
, is not intelligent horror that some can expect
since it neglects to investigate or explore the myths. Instead, opt for a modern version
tainted with adolescent angst. In general
the film meanders along slowly, to 90 minutes in the length of the first
castration occurs almost 40mins, and there are only 3 in total.
I like the fact that the film is reactionary to the recent spate of
torture porn movies, but is not as shocking to some and probably not as
fear. Dawn is an interesting character and how your
journey of discovery is said is also interesting, but that's all. Teeth
is just a fun horror not to be taken too seriously, which is a shame because in so doing
(pardon the pun) that lacks any real bite.
Extravagant; offbeat; strange; insane: however you want to describe,
Teeth, director Mitchell Lichtenstein, is certainly different,
bearing age old myth of the "vagina dentata" and bring it to life
in the form of beautiful high school student Dawn (
the beautiful Jess Weixler, who is very talented and should go very far).

subconscious, Dawn realizes that she is different from other girls, and
This has led to be afraid of their own sexuality. So far it has successfully avoided
maul men by taking a vow of celibacy until marriage
, but when she takes a shine to his companions "abstain 'Ryan (Ashley
Springer), its solution is beginning to weaken. Ryan accompaniment to a local beauty
/ make-out spot, which, inevitably, is in a sexy Clinch
apparently with the not-so-innocent couple, but decided at the last moment
, follow weapons and not go further. Ryan, however, has other ideas
and proceeds to force himself on the bad girl.

Big mistake! Seconds later, Ryan is clutching a bloody stump where his virility
often-Dawn's voracious vagina which has claimed the first victim

After a little research on Google, and a thorough review (by a gyno
wishes he had been a little softer with his poll),
finally sunrise in which Dawn Now you need to floss in two places. Still, a couple of
gnashers seem very practical, as the comely lass
has a knack of trusting the wrong kind of man: slime-ball
desperate to get into her panties (including his own step-brother Brad, who was bitten in the
finger of Dawn's regions Netherlands as a child, wants a piece
-although he is now understandable fear of female genitalia and tends to opt
backdoor action!).

Teeth has taken a lot of Flack of critics who say that the film is
unfair to men-which is a pro-feminist film that represents all men as
misogynistic sex-pest deserving of castration. Personally, I
could not care less how we guys are portrayed in the film because I was too
fun with all the twisted idea is this: any movie in which a girl was graphically
chewable kids " ; with their private garbage is a "must-see '
in my book!

8.5 out of 10, rounded up on 9 IMDb.

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