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(animation, comedy, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie CreepshowCult classic anthology from two of horrors big wigs, Romero and Stephen King, the film contains 5 sections, held together with 50's style comic images. A murdered man returns from the grave demanding his Father's Day cake and death ensues, a meteor's space ooze causes anything and anyone that comes in contact with it to grow (special appearance by Stephen King himself), a scheming vengeful husband buries his wife and her lover in sand to await death at high tide, a professor selects his nagging negative wife to become a tasty snack for a strange crated creature, and finally, a mean ole millionaire with an intense insect phobia becomes the prey of an army of cockroaches.


Hal Holbrook as Henry Northrup
Fritz Weaver as Dexter Stanley
Leslie Nielsen as Richard Vickers
E.G. Marshall as Upson Pratt
Ed Harris as Hank Blaine
Ted Danson as Harry Wentworth
Stephen King as Jordy Verrill
Warner Shook as Richard Grantham
Robert Harper as Charlie Gereson
Jon Lormer as Nathan Grantham
Don Keefer as Mike the Janitor
Bingo O'Malley as Jordy's Dad/Cameos
John Amplas as Nathan's Corpse
David Early as White
Joe King as Billy


I think it is quite clear that the amount you leave
enjoyment of this movie is directly related to how sick his sense of humor.
Those with a fairly low tolerance sick humor, as
I do not particularly like, but people who enjoy fund
horror cheese as "Tales from the Crypt" Love.

However, although I personally do not like this movie, I must admit
is very well done. Everything is perfectly over-the-top: music,
gaudy colors, the makeup - is doing all to the point where
is totally ridiculous, which is what King and Romero wishes.
And I must admit that I like the segment "The Crate." How can you not love a giant
ape-monster running around tearing people to bits? Sick, sick things, but pleasant
all the same.

If you like black humor horrible, this is the movie for you.
"Creepshow" shock schlock is the best. And as a bonus,
is not very well known today, so you can have a wonderful "What the hell are you
observers? "effect on other people.

8 / 10 stars.
Despite some major problems (mainly contained in Stephen King's
uneven and often hand script), this is still quite amusing attempt to bring
1950 EC horror comics to the big screen. One of the best things about it
is director George ( "Night of the Living Dead ') Romero
creative, lively direction, which captures the bright color schemes and
comic book for the development of a tee. Each story has a different theme horror
is usually tempered with some comedy ranging from a wealthy patriarch
returning from the dead to get revenge for their odious to a family which causes a meteor
outbreak of vegetation to a Fang,
monkey-like creature that has been locked in a drawer for decades. The five
stories presented, despite some mistakes, offer up good gory fun.
Some of the acting is good, too, especially as Adrienne Barbeau
alcohol, hateful wife option that gives what she deserves,
Hal Holbrook as her husband and goose Peck for example, Marshall as a rich,
obsessively clean pull of age who is being savaged in his apartment futuristic
by a legion of cockroaches. Talk about flesh crawl! Tom Savini's
special effects are great, as usual.

Download Creepshow
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