Walk All Over Me

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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Walk All Over MeA small town girl runs into big time trouble as she takes on her roommates identity as a dominatrix to pay the bills.


Lothaire Bluteau as Rene
Michael Eklund as Aaron
Jacob Tierney as Paul
Michael Adamthwaite as Isaac
Ross McMillan as Spencer
Darren Wall as Man on TV #1
Mike Bell as Raymond
Cory Cassidy as Grocery Shopper
Darcy Fehr as Scarred Man
Omar Khan as Man on TV #2
Nick Ouellette as Trent
Rick Skene as Les
Will Woytowich as Driver


I was privileged to attend the casting + crew screening of this - not
Neither am I, only the fate of clumsy in the right Cineplex. He
just rent and looked again: this is definitely as good and strong
as I remembered it. With this in mind ...

I agree with the previous reviewer (gylgamesh): well acted, intelligently written
, and charming. Each character has something surprising
show, and humor is both subtle and laugh-out-high fun. The
food court scene itself is invaluable.

Other announcements here on Leelee Sobieski acting puzzles me:
in an early scene, Leelee Sobieski gives a tremendous non-verbal expression of
everything in the fight against it. Throughout the movie, she shows
someone you know you've met before, which is not that bright, but cree
they're smarter than they are ... and perhaps are not all wrong
about it, either.

Tricia Helfer is full of surprises here, if you have seen in their
"Battlestar Galactica," you can probably imagine how it could lead
outside the role of dominatrix, but there are more his role than that. The
more surprising that he found what he had seen muscles he has. Not
spoiler, but from the projection was introduced after stand-up, one of the
other actors (Michael Eklund) said he wished now
had not encouraged them to hit him hard enough to be realistic.

roles are perfectly done, as well; Michael Adamthwaite
in particular.

The video jacket and promotion might give the impression that this is a film for kids
. Girls: enjoy, this is at least as much for you. I give
by 9 out of 10, except that I had promised to save my 9 for that special person
a :-)
Make no mistake, this is not a film about S & M per se and is not
intentionally erotic, is a comedy about role-playing, mind control,
split personalities and expecting the unexpected.

LELE Sobieski plays a girl who just can not stay out of trouble.
Anything that touches breaks, has an endless stream of bad luck that his
launches a desperate situation at the next.

What makes me walk around (2007) 'truly great is writing and directing
, which are in the great tradition of the old school of comedy, when
nobody had to think about political correctness. Everything that happens
, violence, role play dominatrix, video ads
contact Miss Sobieski driving is hilariously funny.

characters and their stories are quite pleasant and
bad things that happen to them are pictured in such a fun, almost
can not feel sorry for any of them, but just laugh and laugh and laugh.

'Walk around Me (2007)' is a very good acting, moderately dark comedy.
has a very good story flow and is definitely worth a watch.

Download Walk All Over Me
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