The Long Riders

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Download Movie The Long RidersThe origins, exploits and the ultimate fate of the Jesse James gang is told in a sympathetic portrayal of the bank robbers made up of brothers who begin their legendary bank raids because of of revenge.


David Carradine as Cole Younger
Keith Carradine as Jim Younger
Robert Carradine as Bob Younger
James Keach as Jesse James
Stacy Keach as Frank James
Dennis Quaid as Ed Miller
Randy Quaid as Clell Miller
Kevin Brophy as John Younger
Harry Carey Jr. as George Arthur
Christopher Guest as Charlie Ford
Nicholas Guest as Bob Ford
Felice Orlandi as Carl Reddick
James Remar as Sam Starr
James Whitmore Jr. as Mr. Rixley
John Bottoms as Mortician


Much attention is given to the unique casting for this movie, but what I
noted that it was the music. I have been a bluegrass and mountain music fan
and interpreter for decades, and was told before the film was released
for listening to music. Not only is very accurate
period in terms of how they played and what instruments, but even
dancing has not been "Hollywood-mind". There are some really real
"flat feet" becomes "Jack of diamonds" which is a rural area of South
dance that not many people in Hollywood are recognized - a sort of antecedent to
porch dance, or (dare I say) "obstruction". This is a
such films as "Jeremiah Johnson" and "O Brother" where
worth the price of admission just to hear some very accurately portrayed
period music . The music has played a very vital role in the life of
men and women of the West and South in this period of time, and there was not
radios, so it was all done live, either in churches or (more secularly
) for the purpose of dancing, and the film reflects that.
Hollywood gives "Old West" and "South" music so often wrong
this movie is notable for the contrast.
This film is historically correct in the way they showed
attitudes of the times. I've seen this movie finally after reading a book trying to explain why
U.S. history, including the Wild West years, has been
in a violent manner. I was surprised how accurately the film revealed the reasons
in the Wild West. His most men, few women lived in that part of the country
then. The West was extensive and spectacular, but also boring,
leaving men with little to do but get drunk and play a mouth harp.
addition, many of the tough guys of the acclaimed post-Confederate South.
In the film, after taking the long and boring train ride to a village in northern Minnesota
(to the tune of a mouth harp), were well dressed,
prosperous Scandinavian-Americans in the streets. These people were
barely intelligible as the mockery long corridors. When our
anti-heroes came to the bank, they discovered what the townsfolk
were saying. What tells the lone teller revealed they were
South. I am mesmerized by this part of the film and hope that other
were, too.

Download Long Riders, The
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