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Download Movie CandymanHelen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) is writing a paper on urban legends when she hears about the Candyman (Tony Todd), who was once an ex-slave-turned-artist name Daniel Robitaille, who had an affair his client's daughter. Robitaille's right hand was sawn off, he was covered in honey, and stung to death by bees. If anyone says the word "Candyman" five times in a mirror, he'll appear behind that person, a bloody hook as a replacement for his hand, and kill him. A series of unsolved murders is happening in the Cabrini Green projects and Helen is using this to help with her paper. The residents say the Candyman is to blame, but Helen doesn't believe it. Until she meets the man with a hook for a hand. Now, he's begun to murder her friends and no one believes her. Can Helen clear her name and stop the Canydman from killing anyone else?


Virginia Madsen as Helen Lyle
Tony Todd as The Candyman/Daniel Robitaille
Xander Berkeley as Trevor Lyle
Kasi Lemmons as Bernadette 'Bernie' Walsh
Vanessa Williams as Anne-Marie McCoy
DeJuan Guy as Jake
Carolyn Lowery as Stacey
Barbara Alston as Henrietta Mosely
Sarina C. Grant as Kitty Culver
Michael Culkin as Professor Philip Purcell
Stanley DeSantis as Dr. Burke
Marianna Elliott as Clara
Ted Raimi as Billy
Ria Pavia as Monica
Mark Daniels as Student
Bernard Rose

Look in a mirror, preferably alone at night and say "Candyman" 5

times and ... uh ... see what happens. Little known Rose Bernard

directed this terrible horror / suspense / thriller set and filmed in Chicago

. The story is an adaptation of a novel by horror master Clive Barker

. Two attractive women graduate students an investigation

urban "myth" only to discover that there can be a myth, or is it?

That is the premise of this well-written and directed the film, which makes

by looking in the mirrors Psycho did so to take showers. This is a

thinking man's horror film that frightens the Daylights you to

times while you still think beyond what appears on the screen .

is much more than just a horror film with a creepy man Goring

people to death. It operates many of our deepest fears about

society and in ourselves, such as: what can happen in a run down public housing complex

(Chicago's notorious Cabrini-Green projects),

and our fears can remove the certainty of what we know to be false

? Rose weaves expert on issues of Hitchcockian

be wrongly accused, emotional and psychological vulnerability

exploitation, while maintaining the interest and the creation of a high level of < br>
tension throughout the film. Philip Glass' quasi-religious Result

constantly offers a mysterious companion when the camera takes us into places

apparently normal, as a public toilet for
< ; br> example. Truly one of the best horror movies of the 90

that can disrupt their thoughts, penetrate their sense of security, and still provide

disturbing violence and gore . This film is not for the faint of heart

. Virginia Madsen stars as the main character and

not strike a false note. Tony Todd is the Candyman, and not appear to offer

gumdrops. Do not look behind you!
3 of 4 stars.
"Candyman" is very alarming, yet intriguing and appealing film
playing intelligently and manipulates old urban legends and myths of
folklore and brings to life some of their worst nightmares and horrors.
As far as movies go afraid it falls into a category of its own in terms of its depth and excellence

One of the main strengths of this film is that the script and the character
performances are so powerful and credible not feel the need to inject
unnecessary horror / graphic / violent scenes to access it,
sensationalize it. Of course, there's a lot of blood and gore in the film but
however, follows the plot and not added in just to give the film an unnecessary
'horror' feel. The chilling and frightening aspects of this
the film come from dialogue, the sequence of events and emotions and
people demonstrated in the characters. The plot and the script is enough to let
mesmerized all along the movie and stay at
edge of your seat with anticipation of what will happen afterwards. The
producers and scriptwriters must receive top marks for the wonderful way
that enriches the entire movie, based on the screenplay and performances
rather than cheap tricks add him to be more frightening . In addition
that the lighting and landscape around the entire movie makes even more frightening

I have always thought Virginia Madsen to be a highly talented, qualified and excellent
actress, whose wonderful performance and gifted
performances have been consistently overlooked when the assignment of cinema. For me, "Candyman"
confirmed this thesis. His image of Helen Lyle is truly one of the most
excellent image of a character that I have seen recently. She gives the character
much depth, dimension and real emotions. Tony Todd also
emerges from this film as a very talented actor and wonderful. The amount of
depth, dimension and the person who gives the character of the
"Candyman" is incredible. Although the Candyman is in many ways a real bad
and terrifying character, you also can not help but feel a great deal of sympathy for him
sometimes and this is also a testament to Todd act. The
supporting cast-including Vanessa Williams and even the young boy who
Helen interviews while in the neighborhood-also deserve honorable mention
to give their characters such extreme realism.

I would recommend this movie-is chilling, frightening, intriguing, compelling
, wonderful and sad all rolled into one. One of the best movies I've seen in this genre

Download Candyman
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