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Download Movie I'm Not ThereSix incarnations of Bob Dylan: an actor, a folk singer, an electrified troubadour, Rimbaud, Billy the Kid, and Woody Guthrie. Put Dylan's music behind their adventures, soliloquies, interviews, marriage, and infidelity. Recreate 1960s documentaries in black and white. Put each at a crossroads, the artist becoming someone else. Jack, the son of Ramblin' Jack Elliott, finds Jesus; handsome Robbie falls in love then abandons Claire. Woody, a lad escaped from foster care, hobos the U.S. singing; Billy awakes in a valley threatened by a six-lane highway; Rimbaud talks. Jude, booed at Newport when he goes electric, fences with reporters, pundits, and fans. He won't be classified.


Cate Blanchett as Jude Quinn
Ben Whishaw as Arthur Rimbaud
Christian Bale as Jack Rollins/Pastor John
Richard Gere as Billy the Kid
Marcus Carl Franklin as Woody Guthrie
Heath Ledger as Robbie Clark
Kris Kristofferson as Narrator
Don Francks as Hobo Joe
Roc LaFortune as Hobo Moe
Larry Day as Government Agent
Paul Cagelet as Carny
Pierre-Alexandre Fortin as Gorgeous George
Richie Havens as Old Man Arvin
Tyrone Benskin as Mr. Arvin
Kim Roberts as Mrs. Arvin
Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes' I'm not there is a genuine visionary work of art;
apparently a Bob Dylan biopic, Haynes has made
seven different short films, each with its own language film accurate, that
have been carefully interwoven to create a whole which is
greater than the sum of its parts.

I will not bother rehashing the movie's central plot and the presumption that
have been widely commented elsewhere. I will say that the wrong
reviewers who praise Cate Blanchett part of the film
over others (despite his magnificent performance) are missing
Haynes' point completely. Each of the different segments of
I'm not there to inform and discuss with each other in ways that are sometimes direct and sometimes
oblique, but there is always a logic to the overall structure.

For someone to say that I would have preferred a movie entirely on
Blanchett as Dylan means that
would have preferred a more traditional in the way Dylan biopic Ray or Walk
Line. This traditional biopic formula is precisely what he is trying to exploit
Haynes and Richard Gere segment of the film (most critically
vilipendiado part of the film for now) is where he succeeds in his strategy

despite what many critics have written, is not Christian Bale as the
born-again Dylan portrays the oldest incarnation of Dylan
character. This is Richard Gere as Billy the Kid. What Haynes
seems to be saying is that Billy the Kid should have been shot in his youth by Patt Garrett
but miraculously lived to age - just like Dylan
should have died in a motorcycle accident in 1966 is still touring
today at age 66. (From this standpoint, each of the younger versions of
Dylan can be seen as the memory of Dylan Gere-as-aging-outside the law.)
While the series sessions Gere also has links with the "Basement Tapes
"-era Dylan, the fact that Billy was also supposed to represent
Dylan in the 21 st century is crucial. Without this understanding,
interaction between Billy the Kid and Woody Guthrie (conducting
a circle of life) does not make sense. Not surprisingly, critics are flummoxed
Gere part of the film!

This is the kind of film makes you grateful to those who live in
Currently, when a truly great talent and bold filmmaker
as Haynes can utilize the resources of Hollywood and bend to their will to
create something that is both experimental, radical, challenging,
funny, moving and, yes, finally, liberating. I am not this leaves
rest of contemporary American cinema in the dust.
Saw this at the Toronto Film Festival. I really liked, although perhaps the
Richard Gere are the scenes of a leap to, although not
really their fault. Cate Blanchett is getting a lot of noise for his
performance, and she deserves it. The actors are all playing versions
Dylan, but his characters have different names. Blanchett plays
an incarnation of Dylan that it would not be at all times "
not Look Back."

While I believe that Todd Haynes is here mostly with success, I am afraid that this will be
a film that really relevant to people who already know
on Bob Dylan, and that will sort of flying over the heads of
everyone else. A good film, and a good place to start if you're a couple
cinema lover who wants to expand and see something less conventional

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