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Download Movie Starting Out in the EveningAgainst the backdrop of Manhattan's changing literary and publishing world, aging novelist Leonard Schiller is asked by Heather Wolfe, a graduate student and budding literary critic, to agree to interviews. He's reluctant to spend the time: his health is failing and he wants to finish one more book. Also he's worried about his daughter, Ariel, who's approaching 40, underemployed, single and wanting a child. But he agrees, hoping Heather can help resurrect interest in his work. As Heather probes Frank's writing and his past, Ariel reconnects to a former lover. Emotions can be raw and messy, and as relationships change, who gets the better part of the bargain?


Karl Bury as Frederick
Sean T. Krishnan as Ravadip Patel
Frank Langella as Leonard Schiller
Adrian Lester as Casey
Jeff McCarthy as Charles
Jerry Walsh as Bartender
Joel West as
Lauren Ambrose as Heather
Anitha Gandhi as Chelsea
Jessica Hecht as Sandra Bennett
Lili Taylor as Ariel Schiller
Andrew Wagner

I saw this movie at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival.

Starting at night se basa en la novel by Brian Morton,
and Frank Langella star in an understated role as Leonard Schiller, once
great literary novelist and now-retired professor. His previous books
time ago outside the printing, Leonard is struggling to finish his latest novel
, a decade in the making and counting. In addition
distracting him from his novel is his brilliant but sometimes strained relationship with his daughter Ariel
(Lily Taylor), who is nearing 40 and
wanting a baby, but trapped in a relationship with his ex-boyfriend Casey
(Adrian Lester), which is more strongly against the idea.

Another complication is presented in the form of a young graduate student, Heather
(Lauren Ambrose), which has made the subject of his master Leonard
thesis. Heather is determined to discover the item at
The work Schiller, the first part of which inspired to follow their dreams
in college. The talks that Leonard and Heather have
cover the range of literary criticism and the creative process,
touching on issues such as whether an author of life
staff must inform their work, and if an author can
be pigeonholed into a single thematic thread.

As Leonard becomes more invested in Heather, these issues end up
leader all the characters reach crucial decisions in their lives,
parallel to the thrust of Leonard's principles Work on personal freedom.

Langella gives a good performance as Leonard, who sees his time running
, and wondered if you have enough time, energy and creativity to the left
finish one last book. Lauren Ambrose Six Feet Under leaves behind her
as Heather, but driven by a self-centred woman who wants to fit
Leonard's books in their own preconceived ideas and feelings, dismiss as less important
those who do not fit the mold.

Lily Taylor was great as Ariel, a woman who want the closeness and depth
relationship that she can not get his father, while she
is willing to subordinate their own desires and needs. Adrian Lester plays
Casey as the exact opposite of Ariel, a man who enjoys his relationship with Ariel
, but not at the expense of their own dreams. Ariel
not come across as a victim there is a touch of strength beneath the surface.
Casey and not come across a complete visceral;
there is a true love that does not fully appreciate. All

-in-all, Starting in the afternoon ending the night as a
fun movie, with good results everywhere.
Greetings again from the darkness. I saw two movies here. One was
fascinating, exciting and enlightening and presented a first class performance
Frank Langella. The "other" film was at all times
Lauren Ambrose ( "Six Feet Under") appeared on the screen. Whenever
opened his mouth, I felt myself deflate. Not only is it hard to see,
but this part is poorly written and acted horribly. Langella was in a
Oscar worthy film, while Ambrosio was in a weak film for life.

We will concentrate on the good things. Langella is Leonard Schiller, an aging novelist
, that the time has not only forgotten, but never really knew
really in the first place. A sample graduation of students under the premise
resurrect his career through his thesis. A dose of reality
later, are spending huge amounts of time talking about
his life and writing. Langella's performance is so subtle texture and
we can feel your pain while recollecting and anxiety, while
(almost) touching Ambrose (graduation of students) for the first time.

This is director Andrew Wagner, the first real film, and shows quite a knack for filming
sides and allowing the pace of the film to mirror
booked, making fire to cook slow nature of Langella's character. Based on a novel by Brian Morton
, the story focuses on a writer to despair
finish his latest novel, but also the ageing of the struggle of man with a body that is to leave
he continually down ... sometimes to the point of humiliation

Lili Taylor plays Langella's well-meaning but confused daughter
reconnects with an ex-lover played very well by Adrian Lester ( "Primary Colors
"). The sub-plots are a good addition to history and provide
Unlike the conduct of the reserved nature of Langella.

I have no idea how this film will never find an audience, but those who love
intricate character studies were mesmerized by Langella
part of the film. Unfortunately, you only have to fight through the entire paper
graduation of students ... Think of it as the heinous
a person of another big party. Last note - the result is a good complement to the film
and lower in their hands, could have been a distraction.
Very well done.

Download Starting Out in the Evening
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