Charlie Chan at the Circus

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(comedy, mystery)
Download Movie Charlie Chan at the CircusWhile ostensibly on vacation with his wife and twelve children, famed detective Charlie Chan visits a circus at just the right time to become involved in the murder of one of the circus owners. Chan is prevailed upon to travel with the circus in hopes of discovering the killer before he, she - or it - strikes again.


Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
George Brasno as Colonel Tim
Olive Brasno as Lady Tiny
Francis Ford as John Gaines
Maxine Reiner as Marie Norman
John McGuire as Hal Blake
Shirley Deane as Louise Norman
Paul Stanton as Joe Kinney
J. Carrol Naish as Tom Holt
Boothe Howard as Dan Farrell
Drue Leyton as Nellie Farrell
Wade Boteler as Lt. Macy
Shia Jung as Su Toy
John Aasen as Giant Man
Harry Lachman

Charlie Chan in the circus is a pretty standard entry in the series
try to use the circus as the exotic location. The plot concerns the death of a man
circus. The main suspects are employees of the tent and a
apes that escapes. The film uses the circus as a tangent, for example, when Charlie
visits by dwarves. The action is very laid back and relaxed, which creates a pleasant
standpoint, as Charlie and Lee travel with the circus train. The
detective work is quite good and has several twists. Almost all
Warner Oland Chan movie is at least passable. This is not one
their best, but it is a fun distraction.

This is a diverting, pleasantly enjoyable movie with Charlie Chan Warner
oland like Charlie Chan at the Circus. On this excursion, he takes his entire family
the circus, while they are all on vacation and has to put up
fumbling with the assistance of key # 1 son Luke, serving as
Comic Relief.

Even more than in most Chan entries, each statement of oland
sounds like a Chinese fortune cookie - non-stop. And none of them sound
authentically Chinese. That is the main quibble I have with the
dash. But mostly, it moves at a faster pace, while
examines a group of suspects, all of whom had a motive for wanting the
murdered man (the chief financial officer) of the form.

The circus team dancing dwarves George olive BRASNO
and opens the story with some neat dance steps dance, but most of the plot focuses on
an angry ape locked in its cage, but sometimes set loose. The
murderer even makes it seem that the apes might have been responsible. The only attempt

Chan in life comes from a poisonous snake that his son
offices with a shotgun. Apart from that, he never in real danger
and that is where the plot fails slightly.

Meanwhile, we hear a lot of cliches and not very good
East: "Pack Size does not indicate the quality inside." "Give
man and a pile of rope that will hang free." Problems of rain on man and
wet. "And when he has a plan to catch the murderer, said:" Silence sometimes speaks
witness higher. "nice things for any fan of mystery
Chan in the series, but the material is too familiar, even for most
Chan fans.

Download Charlie Chan at the Circus
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