Charlie Chan at the Race Track

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Download Movie Charlie Chan at the Race TrackWhile steaming from Honolulu to Los Angeles the owner of a prize racehorse headed for the Santa Anita Handicap is killed, apparently kicked to death by his stallion. Not so, deduces Charlie. Leter he exposes efforts to fix a race at the famous track.


Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Keye Luke as Lee Chan
Helen Wood as Alice Fenton
Thomas Beck as Bruce Rogers
Alan Dinehart as George Chester
Gavin Muir as Bagley
Gloria Roy as Catherine Chester
Jonathan Hale as Warren Fenton
G.P. Huntley as Denny Barton
George Irving as Major Gordon Kent
Frank Coghlan Jr. as Jockey Eddie Brill
Frankie Darro as Jockey 'Tip' Collins
John Rogers as Ship Cabin Steward Mooney
John Henry Allen as 'Streamline' Jones
Harry Jans as Al Meers
H. Bruce Humberstone

Although the murder takes place aboard a ship, the plot does not revolve entirely
around the world of horse racing and a track career figures in the
climax. The plot is complicated, and kind of makes sense that at the end -
although the conclusion seems a bit abrupt. As usual, players
any act very suspiciously to throw you off the track, so to speak. The characterization
stable boy, you may cringe, and rightly so
Like a breath of fresh air, director H. Bruce Humberstone
breathes new life into the Warner Oland Chan series. A good murder mystery, and that
viewer could decide whether s / he is very attentive, we are treated to
Chan and No. 1 son Lee crossing swords with a gambling syndicate and
Ultimately unmask their leader. 'No man is poor who have worthy son'.
We know that a horse has been manipulated and abused his coach, but Bagley
still do not know who is the brains and money behind everything, even after
la banda is arrested. Chan outsmarts and outwits the leader who is tricked into
revelation. While the latter statement is a principle that is not seen by the public
, there is a great track played earlier that should bear the
viewer to suspect the right person - if you are looking at. And of course there are many clues
misleading: "The roots of the tree of lead in many directions.
Chan and his son escape assault and kidnapping and Lee again reaches

demonstrate its ability to disguise - this time as a man of Chinese Laundry. Lee reaches
drive the truck laundry much as we have seen in previous
Mack Sennett comedies. As in many films Chan, stable boy image with black
monkey should have been more acceptable to the public at the time, but today
simply must be cut. Similarly Chan said at the end: "The good wife
best home furnishings' to a remark from my wife. Perhaps this also should be cut

for the hearing today. Minor note is that the director appears as one of the
gang. Much better than most of this series. Recommended.

Download Charlie Chan at the Race Track
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