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(action, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie CloverfieldRevolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people.


Michael Stahl-David as Rob Hawkins
Mike Vogel as Jason Hawkins
Lizzy Caplan as Marlena Diamond
Jessica Lucas as Lily Ford
T.J. Miller as Hud
Odette Yustman as
Matt Reeves

It's nice to see that finally the film that did not seem anything like me
never seen before. This, like Spielberg "War of the Worlds" and
"Children of Men", he completely immersed in this incredible situation
with absolutely no knowledge of comfort. It's very disorienting,
which adds to the experience, so you never knew what the hell's going
but you're in survival so that what you spent. You are
placed with a bunch of characters you know and, finally,
must unite in their frantic search for a friend at the same time being subjected
some horrific images and new threats.

see big effects and realistic thanks to the hand the camera,
that is not too bad the future if they get a seat
farthest from the screen. The filmmakers came up with some really big creature
designs that are threatening even very original. If you're bound to be more annoying
watch a movie with a lack of music, then stay
credits, during which a fantastic set of music composed by Michael Giacchino
titled "Roar! (Item Cloverfield) "plays.

In short, a fantastic time at the cinema. A little more depth
the monster would be good, although the absence of this information is
intentional. Everybody in the theater was rooting for a sequel, perhaps a
second set of images lies elsewhere? Or maybe there are more
the viral marketing - which is exactly what is Slush and Tagruato?
Was also willing to suspend the disbelief of some, but taking into account the film is about a monster
destroys New York City, which should not be too difficult.
Hey, ten bucks and two hours of his life to blow? Why not try
Cloverfield! If you like the proposal to induce disease, handheld, close-up,
- can not concentrate on anything-in-movies (aka, none of Michael Bay), then
this is a film for you and your six seconds of attention! Wait ...
what was I saying? Oh yeah, there is this thing growing
Manhattan. Nobody knows what the hell is just there.
In the meantime, all the crap monster interrupted an episode very special
Dawson's Creek, you know, one of Spain's Dawson will stop
Japan and is in the Joey party who has been sleeping around
him? Well, now that the image, filmed with his dad to the Handycam
midst of a Godzilla movie. It is a great sh! You sandwich alongside
either side by two slices of bread with mold. That is how sweet and satisfying a
this movie is.

But hey, at the bright side, everyone died and that made me smile.

This is a big-budget film-C, while that may sound like something
entertaining for fans of films shlock, believe me when I say that it is not
. Give me Godzilla vs. Mothra any day during this steaming pile.
At least these films have heart.

Download Cloverfield
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