The Final Season

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(drama, sport)
Download Movie The Final SeasonTradition in Norway, Iowa, can be summed up in one word, baseball. In the small Midwestern town, population 586, baseball is a legacy passed father to son, generation to generation. The Norway high school team is no stranger to overcoming the odds, to playing "David" to the State's much larger schools' "Goliath." When the 1990 team, lead by Coach Jim Van Scoyoc, wins its 19th State Championship in 23 years, it is almost expected. The unexpected comes when bureaucracy intervenes to merge Norway into a larger school, and petty jealousies conspire to rob Norway of its heritage and a 20th State Championship. The legendary coach is fired and replaced with his 24-year-old, one-season assistant coach, Kent Stock — a move designed to insure the team's failure. "THE FINAL SEASON" tells the true story of an underdog coach and team who despite tradition have been written off not only by their rivals but also by those closest to them, the town. Can they find the faith in themselves, and the faith in each other, to make it to one final championship game — and the chance for redemption?


Sean Astin as Kent Stock
Powers Boothe as Jim Van Scoyoc
Rachael Leigh Cook as Polly Hudson
Michael Angarano as Mitch Akers
Matthew W. Allen as Umpire
Tom Arnold as Burt Akers
Mackenzie Astin as Chip Dolan
Chris Jay Becker as Extra
Marshall Bell as Harvey Makepeace
Jim Brockhohn as Administrator
Jimmy Brockhohn as Student
Dayton Callie as Mr. Stewart
Brett Claywell as Patrick Iverson
Michael Cornelison as Father Schultz
David Davis as Fan
David M. Evans

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