Graveyard Shift

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Download Movie Graveyard ShiftBased on Stephen King's short story about a Maine textile mill, where it's workers come into contact with something far more gruesome than anyone might expect.


David Andrews as John Hall
Kelly Wolf as Jane Wisconsky
Stephen Macht as Warwick
Andrew Divoff as Danson
Vic Polizos as Brogan
Brad Dourif as Tucker Cleveland/The Exterminator
Robert Alan Beuth as Ippeston
Ilona Margolis as Nordello
Jimmy Woodard as Carmichael
Jonathan Emerson as Jason Reed
Minor Rootes as Stevenson
Kelly L. Goodman as Warwick's Secretary
Susan Lowden as Daisy May
Joe Perham as Mill Inspector
Dana Packard as Millworker
Ralph S. Singleton

Movies like this one were released by the bucket load in the 1980's, but
approached in 1990, but became increasingly less common. However, there
a bunch of stupid horror flicks that were released in the 90-year debut,
and, surprisingly, this is not all that bad. It lacks all
elements that make great films great films, of course, things like
brains, consistency and any whisper of characters has been neglected in favour of
monster special effects and some nice scenes death, but
seriously, that's all you want from a movie like this, so to speak, which makes it
Graveyard Shift work is not wrong. The film is basa in a short story by Stephen King
. Almost everything that King has never been touched
became a movie, with a lot of mixed results. I would put this
one in the middle class, which is not a bad place to be in
taking into account all the adjustments not. The plot is often thin (
is a story!) And follows a man who gets a job at a cotton mill
. The place is infested with rats, and after being accused of
clean up the site, our hero is a trap and soon he and his team
are against reason, the rats have made their home in the mill ...

One thing that really stands out about this movie is the atmosphere.
Director Ralph S. Singleton delights in the filing of a stink and
disturbing aura around the central site, and this helps massively
history and gives the film an almost "odyssey", when the characters finally make
their way underground. I do not find rats fear,
personally, but many people and make this movie could easily be a reason why
! The way in which rats surrounding the characters and is brooding
terrifying and provides the film with one of its key elements. Acting
definitely is not a key element of Shift Cemetery, but the appearance of worship
popular actor Brad Dourif will please many films of this'
hearing. I'm not a big fan of Dourif personally, but I respect
their ability to shine in campy productions. The story offers no
nothing in the way of a point, and is incoherency bother many - but if you
in this movie with the kind of expectations, and
I do not think you're about to see a classic horror, Graveyard Shift
really should not disappoint.

Download Graveyard Shift
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