Lars and the Real Girl

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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie Lars and the Real GirlA delusional young guy strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet.


Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom
Emily Mortimer as Karin
Paul Schneider as Gus
R.D. Reid as Reverend Bock
Kelli Garner as Margo
Nancy Beatty as Mrs. Gruner
Doug Lennox as Mr. Hofstedtler
Joe Bostick as Mr. Shaw
Liz Gordon as Mrs. Schindler
Nicky Guadagni as Mrs. Petersen
Patricia Clarkson as Dagmar
Karen Robinson as Cindy
Maxwell McCabe-Lokos as Kurt
Billy Parrott as Erik
Sally Cahill as Deb
Craig Gillespie

Lo and behold, a film that still cree in the simple human kindness.

there been a serious lack of that in our cinema and television screens
lately, so I found "Lars and the Real Girl"
absolutely irresistible. I imagine that this is the kind of movie that moves from well
to work for you or not. I can assure you that if there
apart and collect all the ways in which it is not realistic,
is not going to enjoy it.

Ryan Gosling has soared to the top of the list of my favorite actors
contemporaries. He has given two of the best performances in
last two years here, "Lars" and last year in "Half Nelson".
the success of "Lars and the Real Girl" depends almost exclusively on
Gosling can sell this character to the audience, and it does
so impeccable. Lars is a sweet teddy bear of a man who also happens to be
intensely lonely. He orders a life-size and anatomically correct sex
wrist and proceeded to make a companion of her, taking her to parties,
church, family dinners. A psychiatrist (a wonderful, as usual,
Patricia Clarkson) tells the family that the best thing they can do to
Lars is to encourage his deception until works through what is
causing, for relay to the townspeople, which is taken seriously.
As a result, Lars "girlfriend" is totally accepted by the city, and even
was elected to the school board.

Ultimately, "Lars" is probably not very realistic, but it is not good
Cree might be? That a group of people could be this warm, friendly and
accept, simply because the same will happen with
somebody and wants to see him get better. The film is full of wonderful performances of all
. In addition to Gosling and Clarkson, Emily Mortimer shines as
Lars care and concerned sister-in-law.

really irritates me that the critics were divided in this movie in the
basis of pushing the limits of credibility, when
almost unanimously praised "Gone Baby Gone" a film so melodramatic and heavy handed
to be no less plausible, and that goes down as two of the most unpleasant
hours I spent on a cinema for a long time.
Our culture has decided that a film about the good class of people is too unrealistic for
the stomach, and that the only ring that films are true ladies
on human depravity?

So far, "Lars and the Real Girl" is one of my favorite movies of

Grade: A
I just see this movie last night with friends and I will admit that
never heard of him. I knew that was worth seeing when I was told Ryan Gosling
was in it so it was slightly excited to see it. The first thirty minutes
of the film are quite funny and damned for some, almost hilarious. Very well done
comic acting is real, credible, and still amazing
monitor. Part of what makes the first thirty minutes is so much fun because we know
on the wrist, and we can not expect the initial reactions.
After the story has a wonderful and surprising turn a light touch
reality drama. I was very surprised, but I really loved it. Much
people laughed throughout the film, and I was very upset
that. There is a reason this man is claiming that a "sex" is a doll
real person, and its interior is very serious pain thats hes
through, for me, understanding that part of history, I have found
was slightly inappropriate to make people laugh, but I understood with
time. Near the end of the film becomes a bit predictable for one, some would say
important plot turn, but not so predictable as to ruin.
Nearly 5 to 10 minutes before you see what happens come, but others
that was superbly acted by Ryan Gosling who has nothing but a
incredible career ahead of him, and good roles support as well.
This is a very enjoyable movie, which I recommend to anyone and everyone
. It really seems to have something for everyone, but is prepared
that can make you laugh, mourn, or both. It is a very good
movie, and definitely worth seeing in theaters.

Download Lars and the Real Girl

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