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(biography, drama, history, mystery)
Download Movie NightwatchingWith the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt's birth in 2006, NIGHTWATCHING is truly a feast for the senses. Extravagant, suspenseful and sensuously beautiful, the mystery behind the extraordinary artist's infamous painting is perfectly explored by one of the most iconic Directors of our time - Peter Greenaway. The year 1642 marks the turning point in the life of the famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt, turning him from a wealthy respected celebrity into a discredited pauper. At the insistence of his pregnant wife Saskia, Rembrandt has reluctantly agreed to paint the Amsterdam Musketeer Militia in a group portrait that will later become to be known as The Nightwatch. He soon discovers that there is a conspiracy afoot with the Amsterdam merchants playing at soldiers maneuvering for financial advantage and personal power in, that time, the richest city in the Western World. Rembrandt stumbles on a foul murder. Confident in the birth of a longed-for son and heir, Rembrandt is determined to expose the conspiring murderers and builds his accusation meticulously in the form of the commissioned painting, uncovering the seamy and hypocritical side to Dutch Society in the Golden Age. Rembrandt's great good fortune turns. Saskia dies. Rembrandt reveals the accusation of murder in the painting and the conspirators plan revenge. They set out to discredit him at home and abroad. They plant a treacherous mistress, Geertje, to seduce him. They try to blind him. They plan his social and financial ruin, and to create the circumstances for his slide into penury, insult his young mistress Hendrickje, conspire to destroy his son, and bring Rembrandt to his knees. The bold and courageous painting of the Nightwatch, exceptional in aesthetics and content, is Rembrandt's most celebrated painting, it consolidated his reputation as a master-painter but it also destroyed him socially and financially.


Martin Freeman as Rembrandt van Rijn
Emily Holmes as Hendrickje
Michael Teigen as Carel Fabritius
Christopher Britton as Rombout Kemp
Michael Culkin as Herman Wormskerck
Harry Ferrier as Carl Hasselburg
Jonathan Holmes as Ferdinand Bol
Toby Jones as Gerard Dou
Kacper Kasiecki as Titus
Adam Kotz as Willem van Ruytenburgh
Adrian Lukis as Frans Banning Cocq
Maciej Marczewski as Cocq's brother-in-law Clem
Richard McCabe as Bloefeldt
Kevin McNulty as Engelen
Rafal Mohr as Cocq's nephew Floris
Peter Greenaway

I've seen this in the 2008 Palm Springs International Film Festival.
It's amazing how such a visually interesting film can be so boring. But then the visual interest
disappear after a short period of time too.
Thius is the history of Rembrandt's famous painting of 1642, Night Watch. A costume drama
Netherlands during the golden age filmmaker, writer, director Peter Greenaway has
the approach of creating each scene in this movie
as if it were a painting by Rembrandt. The fund is very dark with
objects and actors willing geometrically and intelligent uses of light
with a light source, either on one side, below or back lit to illuminate the scenes
in a minimalist manner. The scenes were organized as a
theatrical performance rather than a movie and in fact is actually a theatre
with super large in the film. Martin Freeman is
Rembrandt and is good in the role he has given, but the script is so rambling and
with modern language that is as Shakespere drugs. Freeman is in practically every scene and alternate
break the wall of one third of the
deal between the audience and play with fellow actors. Its function is strangely
a dimension that it emotividad the same whether he is happy, sad,
argumentative, threatened or combative bidding and what actually gets old fast
. The art direction is beautiful, but also gets old quickly. This is also a film
very loud, where there may be a scene with a large cast of
actors on stage and instead of talking about the background in the ears as
soft murmur or not at all, are amplified and almost drown the conversation
main criticism of the story. To end this cacophony of
talk is often a violin at a feverish pace in
high notes that is nerve wracking, but at least helps keep you awake during this bleak drama
Dutch. Design production of Martin Piersma,
art direction and costumes by James Willcock design and Jagne Janick
Marriott Van Der Burgt are well executed but can not save this mess.
I would give it a generous 4.5 only for the waste of talent
happened in it.

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