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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie RoxanneThis is a remake of Cyrano de Bergerac, one of the most celebrated plays of the French theater, written by Edmond Rostand. Instead of being set in 17th century France, "Cyrano" has been changed to "Charlie", a fire chief in a small town in Washington. Roxanne, played by the beautiful Darryl Hanna, rents a house for the summer to look at comets and Charlie quickly falls for her. Charlie is intelligent, funny, and sensitive, but all his fine qualities are unfortunately overshadowed by his very large nose ("Excuse me, it that your nose or did a bus park on your face?"). Charlie's friend, Chris, on the other hand, is quite attractive, but superficial and awkward with words, especially around women (he has a tendency to throw up a lot). Both men are enthralled with Roxanne, but she, in a shallow but predictable move, shows interest in the handsome Chris. Chris is tongue-tied around her — everything that comes out of his mouth is either vulgar or indecipherable. So he asks Charlie for help. Charlie, inspired, writes 3 love letters a day to Roxanne, unbeknownst to Chris. Charlie's eloquent letters work, because Roxanne falls in love with Chris. But Chris can't meet Roxanne's expectations in person and he soon runs off with a waitress who is "pretty cute, too".


Steve Martin as C.D. 'Charlie' Bales
Daryl Hannah as Roxanne Kowalski
Rick Rossovich as Chris McConnell
Shelley Duvall as Dixie
John Kapelos as Chuck
Fred Willard as Mayor Deebs
Max Alexander as Dean
Michael J. Pollard as Andy
Steve Mittleman as Ralston
Damon Wayans as Jerry
Matt Lattanzi as Trent
Shandra Beri as Sandy the Barmaid
Blanche Rubin as Sophie
Jane Campbell as Dottie
Jean Sincere as Nina
Fred Schepisi

Roxanne is a fun-romantic comedy. The film is about C.D. Bales (
Steve Martin) who is the head chief of fire in their city. There is a certain
characteristic of what sometimes people can not help notice. For his great
nose. He then meets this new lady named Roxanne (Daryl Hannah). She
unfortunately, likes someone who is not as smart as CD
but has its sights. So C.D. helps you write letters and tells him to tell Roxanne.
This movie was fun. All the jokes are hilarious. No
silly jokes. And it's just great. I recommend this film to all

The line that he cited as the subject line just rips my heart whenever
attracts the fact that in this movie, because it is unfortunately all too true in real life.
Leaving aside the romantic somewhat unlikely outcome (rarely outside
the film makes life working things because it concludes here), there is much to recommend this movie-
"duels" between Martin and several rather moronic
clods, especially the verbal at the bar. As part observation
(semi-spoiler, but only a small part one):

Martin's character has to get 20 more creative insulting remarks, but it really does
25 place. Not that I am complaining, mind you, as
is one of the funniest scenes in this movie, possibly the film by Martin

says a lot about tolerance, vanity, our own inability to see what is
right in front of us, while the pursuit of happiness and worth of dreams
(even small). It is not a masterpiece, but a good movie in its own little
weight class. I like, for all its implausibility at the end. Recommended

Download Roxanne
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