Perfect Hideout

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(action, thriller)
Download Movie Perfect HideoutA young couple on the run take a family father as a hostage and are shocked to realize that he actually is a killer...


Billy Zane as Victor
Cristian Solimeno as Nick
Melinda Y. Cohen as Celia
Scarlett Sabet as Nadine
Cornell Adams as Kramer
Ken Bones as Roth
Axel Wedekind as Fischer
Stephen Manuel

Groom and the bride wakes up in the back seat of his car. When
to start talking and how they behave, is so unnatural
incredible that we have the impression that they are simply
insane. Here's not only them but the majority of
characters in this movie. They are as human beings and even some of what they are saying
are similar to human talks, but the lack of logic and everything
strange behavior concludes that must be abroad, a little < br> like the movie "the Invation".

There are some characters human, I suppose, a psycho-killer Victor
played by Billy Zane. And perhaps Nadine, but she in a state of shock
after witnessing the execution of Victor terrifying his family.
There is also a policeman who tries desperately to stop his chief
murder innocent people.

A lot of strange situations and dialogues are really scared because
is sometimes a fine line between schizophasias and just really stupid
talks. It might seem almost like the worst movie b -
dialogue, written by 6-8 years, only much worse.

When the couple accidentally kills a policeman, who
are hiding in a house owned by a wealthy doctor and his family. A SWAT team arrived for them,
and therefore have a prisoner. Much of the film is about this conflict.
They are also "surprised" by the pursuit of family killed, and his prisoner
something unpredictable, even for a human being. But the film is too
clear when it comes to how-why-. The title must be referring
into hiding in human bodies.
In my opinion this is the worst film of all time. Plot is good, but the acting
destroys everything. The only thing worse than the actors in this movie is
the level of reality. I refer to come. The girl gets shot with
sniper rifle and barely notices.

And after an hour's SWAT team trying to break into the home of some white collar
walks in the front door with a thought in his hand and Barrett
outbreaks both offenders.

first 30 minutes of this movie I was waiting for action and begin to
then suddenly I imagined that basically that's it. It's just pathetic
. In what other movies you see the main characters
worrying about her relationship with the SWAT team on one side and serial murderer
on the other.

Download Perfect Hideout
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