Over Her Dead Body

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(comedy, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie Over Her Dead BodyA ghost tries to sabotage her former boyfriend's current relationship with a psychic.


Eva Longoria as Kate
Paul Rudd as Henry
Lake Bell as Ashley
Jason Biggs as Dan
Lindsay Sloane as Chloe
Stephen Root as Sculptor
Freddy Andreiuci as Hot dog vender
Antonio D. Charity as Guard
Misha Collins as Brian
Jack Conley as Cab Driver
Cullen Douglas as Handler
Colin Fickes as Don
Clint Jung as John
Bru Muller as Rude Customer
Sam Pancake as Bill
Jeff Lowell

At this point, everyone knows the formula for a romantic comedy. The basic framework
revolves around a boy meeting a girl, a love triangle, a
little white lie and an event that causes them to split before the
soggy final where they kiss and make, live happily ever after. If
going in a rom-com expecting much more or something that deviates from that path
probably be disappointed. After the bar adjustment
films as When Harry Met Sally, sleepless in Seattle and
Four Weddings and a Funeral, the steady flow of lazy efforts in recent
can cause serious to be jaded by gender. So it is with this
skepticism and a desire to disconnect my brain, to me along its
Corpse pop in my DVD player. It follows a simple look at the synopsis
that this movie did not last long in my memory, change my life or
be any profound film experience for me, but I was
entertaining. The screenplay is funny, delivery of the four leads
(Bell, Rudd, Biggs, Longoria) accurate and timely. The premise was an interesting twist
often uses a plot device.

So what not to? An entertaining, funny and beloved romantic comedy
. At best, a entry into the genre, a way far ahead of
most of its kind and at worst a film that feels like a sitcom
without a hint of laughter. As someone who loves sitcoms, which is not a particularly bad
. In a nutshell, you could do much worse.
Eva plays Kate Parker, a control freak who is about to marry Henry
(Paul Rudd), but was crushed by an ice sculpture in his wedding day.
A year later Henry was still in a funk, so he hooks his sister with a
psychic, played by Lake Bell, to get him to move. Shortly after Bell
character is handling more than she bargained away, with a jealous ghost
making his life miserable.

This film is unique among romantic comedies
because it's really fun. Not corny, sappy or syrupy. Lake Bell has great comic timing and
exudes a natural resource like Debra Messing, plus she is so beautiful
. Eva Parker was also impressive (and fun), as the dead
jealous wife, and Paul Rudd was brilliant as usual. This is a real kick start to finish
, and totally unexpected. I seldom as romantic comedy and
not remember ever wanting to see a double, but this is a keeper
who will happily see again. The classification here is not representative
for this movie and makes it an injustice.

Download Over Her Dead Body
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