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(fantasy, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Rawhead RexIreland will never be the same after Rawhead Rex, a particularly nasty demon, is released from his underground prison by an unwitting farmer. The film follows Rex's cross country rampage, while a man struggles to stop it.


David Dukes as Howard Hallenbeck
Kelly Piper as Elaine Hallenbeck
Cora Venus Lunny as Minty Hallenbeck
Ronan Wilmot as Declan O'Brien
Niall Toibin as Reverend Coot
Niall O'Brien as Det. Insp. Isaac Gissing
Heinrich von Schellendorf as Rawhead Rex
Donal McCann as Tom Garron
Eleanor Feely as Jenny Nicholson
Gladys Sheehan as Ena Benedict
Gerry Walsh as Dennis McHugh
Noel O'Donovan as Mitch Harney
John Olohan as Dennis Nicholson
Peter Donovan as Liam Blanchfield
Bob Carlile as Garda Conroy
George Pavlou

This is one hell of a strange film but always makes me think of dear old mom
. A few years ago my mother had the shell of a chemical in his face and a

few days she looked like the monster Rawhead Rex, in fact I still call her
Rawhead Rex and now increasingly (just for fun). This photo is good for

a laugh, but that's all. Unfortunately this picture stars the wonderful
David Dukes, but I will not hold that against him.
There is a scene in this movie in which someone yells "He is God!"
And then cut to a shot of a great man in a ridiculous rubber mask. That sums up fairly
Rawhead Rex, as the film is so full
ridiculous that the public was never allowed to take it seriously.
however, believe it or not; horror fans have much to thank
when it comes to Rawhead Rex, as is the crappiness of this movie
(and previous' Underworld 'the same director) that lead to
Clive Barker's decision Hellraiser direct himself ...
and that turned out pretty well. The plot se basa en la historia de Clive Barker, and
their typical ideas of otherworldly evil. The story takes place in the field
British, and continue the idea that a farmer
accidentally unearths a demon. After ravaging the countryside
English for a while and disturb some people to do things as the killing and breaking
children until the children toys, soon realizes that there may be more
this devil that only a fool-looking
killing machine, and perhaps the church has the answer ...

It's easy to see why Clive Barker was not happy with this adaptation of
its history. The themes of good versus evil and religion are put through
quite well, and the story behind Rawhead Rex is full of intrigue.
The screenplay is not bad either, and although the story feels stretched
(despite the 85 minute runtime), is usually at least
entertaining. The reason is downed if you ask me
is almost entirely down to the devil itself. After the intro ridiculous scene,
is impossible not to approach each scene that the monster is in
without laughter, and they are making it impossible fear. The Devil in
center is supposed to be the absolute evil ... but if you really
absolute evil exists, I doubt that look as silly as it does here.
The murder scenes are not bad, however, the British and field with a good omen
history and offers an excellent location for having collected the victims off in
I liked the way the characters speak
also with thick country accents, but gives the entire piece a bit of credibility,
it lacks in many other areas. Many spectators pass by this film outside
as absolute rubbish, and while the film is terrible, I have a valuation
more like an embarrassment than anything else. I would be delighted if the Barker
decided to remake one day.

Download Rawhead Rex
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