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Download Movie St. Trinian'sSt Trinian's, a school for "young ladies" with its anarchic doctrine of free expression, brings together a motley crew of ungovernable girls who, using their wit and ingenuity, save the school from bankruptcy.


Rupert Everett as Miss Fritton/Carnaby Fritton
Colin Firth as Geoffrey Thwaites
Jodie Whittaker as Beverly
Antonia Bernath as Chloe
Jonathan Bailey as Casper
Russell Brand as Flash Harry
Theo Cross as The Art Teacher
Gabriel Fleary as Masseur
Stephen Fry as Quiz host
Jody Halse as Guard 2
Toby Jones as Bursar
Gemma Arterton as Kelly
Mischa Barton as JJ French
Anna Chancellor as Miss Bagstock
Lily Cole as Polly
Oliver Parker

I went to see this movie without high expectations with some friends,
thinking that I would spend an hour and a half in a darkroom
my election duel of the night.

Some of the jokes in the script were slightly cringe-worthy, but to me,
that was part of their appeal. The film is not supposed to
a great piece of dramatic genius, as some of the previous reviewers are treating it as
, but a film with some genuine laughs, a couple
generation can enjoy at Christmas Without having to endure yet another
the same humdrum movies Christmas (Fred Claus, for example).
Each year, film formulas are brought out to be number one in
Christmas, and this is a welcome change.

St. Trini's was a good, fun movie with some really laugh out loud moments
, and participation, albeit a bit predictable, the plot lines.
The film was fun, and to be honest, I'm not sure how they really
sale of the former franchise, but that surely must be judged by this movie
its own merits and characteristics, they are, in a word, fun. I say again,
this movie is not aimed at people seeking a genuine piece of great
British drama, but for people who want to enjoy a good comic movie
Christmas, possibly taking children with they. Some of the jokes are
a little more adult than you might expect from 12A, but everything went
treated in a good mood.

Rupert Everett was really fun in his role as both Carnaby
and Camilla Fritton, and there are some really good
characters in the film, which made the whole experience that I have enjoyed much, and
recommend to anyone looking for a fun movie at Christmas, knowing that
not put too much on the demand for their gray matter.
From the ashes of Ealing rises a film worthy of the name of study.

A fun-packed, good natured, girls fed mandatory break
crazy robbery plot so beloved of studies "classics. Although the
ranges plotting the abundant energy that carries forward with barely a glitch
. Rupert Everett is a revelation and Colin Firth playing wisely
straight, even while sending himself.

very British film with a lot of jokes in 30-somethings of us (human beings
'One country' line), fun and very well the lines outlined stereotypes
For the little ones to admire girls and younger children to fantasy.
for a family trip or as staff time-passer, is sold in Glasgow
continuously for weeks, although it is not really a sequel

all to see as the autonomous, small jewel is harking back to the days when
films are self-contained little classics rather than potential
spinners sequel.

My comedy of 2007!

PS-Remember that the stay of 'Girls Aloud' title credits song!

Download St. Trinian's

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