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Download Movie GabrielGABRIEL tells the story of an archangel who fights to bring light back to purgatory - a place where darkness rules - and save the souls of the city's inhabitants.


Andy Whitfield as Gabriel
Dwaine Stevenson as Sammael
Samantha Noble as Jade
Erika Heynatz as Lilith
Michael Piccirilli as Asmodeus
Harry Pavlidis as Uriel
Jack Campbell as Raphael
Kevin Copeland as Ahriman
Brendan Clearkin as Balan
Matt Hylton Todd as Ithuriel
Valentino del Toro as Baliel
Goran D. Kleut as Molloch
Amy Mathews as Maggie
Christian Clark as Sean
Johan Earl as Clay
Shane Abbess

Big money does not make a great movie. Great script, character development and acting
to do. (This is true on many major
Aussie films.)

Unfortunately, this film has neither a great script, or act or
characters. And I doubt the budget would change much. That did

as decorations - for his consistency. The end twisted
was not much of a turning point for me, because the film was trying
already difficult to find more intelligent and more original than it was - so some kind of turning point was a necessity
. The combat sequences are good, but there is nothing that you do not see
3445695 in other action flicks watched him.

The rest is just pure crap in excess of cliches. A good
angel descends to purgatory in an attempt to bring back the light.
Then all the predictable things: good vs. fallen angels, all
armed with pistols, knives, the powers to heal (think The Crow). It is the character development
zero. In a nutshell: the fallen angels are cartoonishly evil; good
are good but morally weak. This phrase as it relates to 1 hour of the film is trying to tell

They are supposed to struggle with emotions, but you really do not see
- Neither the fight, nor the emotions. And again, these
oh so predictable comments about how human beings are much wiser than the

nothing to do with this idea? Not sure, but probably could
Aussie self-consciousness, if the figures to support this movie
or against it, is irrelevant. Gabriel is a great existential
-goth-action piece about archangels and their warring NEMES
in human form and grappling with its new
human frailties. For budgetary reasons, the movie favors the goth and
existential elements in the action, and all
is definitely better for him, because what ultimately that develops both
lack of a batch of films whose stylings were approved (the
Underworlds, crows, etc.) is a ton of genuine participation. The
unknown actors give fine performances universally, and in case of bad
Sammael (Dwain Stevenson) a charismatic and deeply disturbing

I was a little concerned about the wordlessness and flat gray eyes
early scenes, but as soon as they hit the first two handed dialogue,
is pulled into the characters' ;. In addition, the film never looks
gray as new as it does right at the start, although the digital video footage
does not give much depth of field in this dark world.

struggles are spaced, but they are very cool. The choreography is
The matrix almost ESP-type of martial arts, but filmed in a nice clear shot wide
with minimal editing (or editing that well disguised barriers
pass) so you can see what is happening. Sometimes it's firearms, sometimes
melee, sometimes both, with a bullet time, slow-mo,
people zipping around the bullets, all the excellent material that has developed
in this genre. There is also an exciting shootout in the dark strobing
that reminded me of balance pistol full scenes.

Gabriel The film reminds me more strongly, however, is not something
recent Super. This is Blade Runner. In that film, replicating robots
unsure of their identity and the emerging of various emotions went into hiding, was insane or
fought for their survival in a world that was not really
when they arrived in push push. Replace "robot" with "angels" and
you've got the basic premise of Gabriel. The angels are sent to purgatory
to reach between humans and guide in the right direction
, or in the case of boys who have fallen ill, keep corrupt.
However, to take the form is deadly become vulnerable to human weakness,
and that's what Gabriel has to contend with what you are trying to gather his friends
angel who has failed before him for one last battle.

Freakin 'good movie!

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