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(comedy, war)
Download Movie StripesWhen New York City cab driver John Winger is fired from his job, his car is repossessed, he loses his apartment, and his girlfriend leaves him — all in the same day — John and his best friend Russell Ziskey decide to join the army. After enlisting, John and Russell are sent to Fort Arnold to undergo basic training under tough drill sergeant Hulka. Hulka is injured by a mortar bomb during basic training, and John has to lead the group in completing their training on their own. After graduation, General Barnicke Assigns Winger, Ziskey, and their platoon to Fort Milano, Italy, to man the EM-50 urban assault vehicle. By this time, sergeant Hulka has recovered from his injuries and has rejoined John, Russell, and the other men. When John and Russell decide to take the EM50 to Germany to pick up their girlfriends, MPs Stella Hansen and Louise Cooper, for a night on the town, the rest of the platoon searches for them because Captain Stillman wants the EM-50 to be put back where it was at. While searching for the EM-50, Stillman and the unit are captured by hostile Russian troops, who take them into Czechoslovakia. Now John, Russell, Stella, and Louise must venture into Czechoslovakia and rescue the guys.


Bill Murray as John Winger
Harold Ramis as Russell Ziskey
Warren Oates as Sgt. Hulka
P.J. Soles as Stella Hansen
Sean Young as Louise Cooper
John Candy as Dewey 'Ox' Oxberger
John Larroquette as Capt. Stillman
John Voldstad as Stillman's aide Corporal
John Diehl as Cruiser
Lance LeGault as Col. Glass
Roberta Leighton as Anita
Conrad Dunn as Francis 'Psycho' Soyer
Judge Reinhold as Elmo
Antone Pagan as Hector
Glenn-Michael Jones as Leon
Ivan Reitman

This is by far one of the best Bill Murray comedy efforts. Winger John
the character played by Murray is the best character line that I have never seen
. Harold Ramis John Larroquette and raise levels of
character to act over par for any lover of comedy. John Candy and Warren Oates
are also very good in roles that are played there. The
visual, and address were magnificent during the time the film was made
. A great movie, full of action, one of the transatlantic. The start
scene is by far one of the best directed and acted in scenes of a comedy in
long. I love the movie and I recommend seeing some scenes
May not be suitable for all ages, the TV version
removed from the classic comedy, learn and enjoy the DVD extras and commentaries that
Are available. A must have for any fan of the film. Comedy
lovers should see it. Great! Great! Great!

Download Stripes
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