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Download Movie American Crime, AnBased on a true story that shocked the nation in 1965, the film recounts one of the most shocking crimes ever committed against a single victim. Sylvia and Jennie Fae Likens, the two daughters of traveling carnival workers are left for an extended stay at the Indianapolis (3850 E. New York St. is hardly suburban, nor was it in 1965, by any stretch of the imagination.) home of single mother Gertrude Baniszewski and her seven children. Times are tough, and Gertrude's financial needs cause her to make this arrangement before realizing how the burden will push her unstable nature to a breaking point. What transpires in the next three months is both riveting and horrific, leaving one child dead and the rest scarred for life.


Ellen Page as Sylvia Likens
Catherine Keener as Gertrude Baniszewski
Hayley McFarland as Jennie Fae Likens
Ari Graynor as Paula Baniszewski
Evan Peters as Ricky Hobbs
Bradley Whitford as Leroy K. New
Hannah Leigh Dworkin as Shirley Baniszewski
Scout Taylor-Compton as Stephanie Baniszewski
Carlie Westerman as Marie Baniszewski
Nick Searcy as Lester Likens
James Franco as Dennis
Tristan Jarred as Johnny Baniszewski
Channing Nichols as Patty Ryan
Romy Rosemont as Betty Likens
Michael Welch as Teddy Lewis
Tommy O'Haver

I've been waiting to see this movie for over a year since the
is a case that I have been persecuted for years and I am very familiar with
the facts of the case. Finally I got to see it premiere in U.S.
Showtime tonight. I was of course, like everyone else, blowing away
Catherine Keener and Ellen Page and performance
was quite impressed with the caliber of talent throughout the roster. The whole world seemed to play
outside it very well and all seemed to deal with extreme maturity
very difficult issue. There were only a couple of things
that puzzled me about the film:

First, the banda sound. Now I do understand that this was a "commitment period"
piece set in the 1960's and the music of the 60 is adequate, but
for me is much more impressive that are not music at all, especially during
some of the most difficult to see scenes of torture. Some of the music seems
not coincide with what was happening onscreen.

The other thing that puzzled me is the 'dream sequence' towards the end
Sylvia revealed that in reality escape and reach his parents and one of
their torturers was helping to escape. Yes I realize that this
has been added to the scene more dramatic effects and is effective when
proved to be an out-of-body experience but Sylvia
really think they could have done without this scene and
deal more closely with the actual facts of this case.

Moreover, I found that the director is trying to portray Gertrude Baniszewski
and Paula almost as sympathetic characters when in fact
to be monstrous in their actions and their ruthless sadists < br> torment of this young woman. For example, Paula did hurt his hand while
Sylvia punched and had to put it into a mold, but in reality
not end there, because Paula used to cast its most beat Sylvia. Paula
Sylvia did not defend against his mother and was in fact somehow
even more cruel to his mother. An example would be the
scalding baths that gave Sylvia, which was not touched in
film, but after these baths Paula rubbed salt into the wounds of Sylvia.

Gertrude was much more active role in torture, actually, and she
showed absolutely no remorse or even recognition of their actions
until many years later to his parole hearing when it was finally released.
The only person who really did show the slightest bit of mercy toward
Sylvia during their ordeal was Stephanie, a fact that is not
addressed in the film.

I can certainly understand why the producers choose to set aside
some details of the torture endured Sylvia because they do not
cree an audience that we believe that however, if you will
to make a movie like this I think is essential for viewers
know the full extent of the torture suffered. Viewers should know that
after the 'church dinner' is shown in the film Sylvia
was forced to eat a hot dog with everything on it and eat their own vomit Gertrude
because I thought she made a pig of herself in the picnic
and not because she met a boy at the picnic as the movie portrays.

Some details of everyday life Baniszewski also be skipped.
I think these are important elements for the case. If you are going to try to portray
Gertrude as a kind of desperate housewife who
stricken by poverty and bowed to his own inner fury of viewers
need to see that the Baniszewski home had no phone No stove (
only a hot plate) and that the kitchen drawers had only 1 tablespoon. Also, a
vital example of what kind of person is Gertrude would leave
viewers know that, while the children slept in filthy, urine-soaked mattresses
(and there are not enough of these to all occupants
at home) Gertrude had a full set in his dormitory room.

In general I do not insist on these facts so strongly, but producers
for this movie wants to bring the viewer into believing that basa
entirely on the facts and emphasize that with a disclaimer at the beginning of the film
and at the same time do understand that for dramatic effects
certain things had to be removed and added that
should not dilute the fact that a woman couple was murdered by a cold, calculating, manic
likes the way that had never been heard of before and
that there is absolutely no room for sympathy for torturers in particular
and Gertrude Paula. Regardless of these facts, I personally think that
films like this are vital because they relate to matters
that people often do not speak. If more people talked about them
perhaps a life could have been saved here. Kudos to the director
to take in this area and they prefer, Page and the rest of the cast
for having the courage to take on this awful subject.
An offence is basa in the true story of the murder of Sylvia
assimilation. The act in the film is superb, particularly
Ellen Page and Catherine Keener. Had this been a story of fiction, the plot and characterization
would be nothing short of fantastic. However, this was NOT
is a fictional story and what is obvious about this movie is
how writers have downplayed how evil and dementia Gertrude
Baniszweski really was. The story does not cover most of the
Sylvia suffered brutal torture at random (before she was trapped in the basement
). For example, Gertrude actually had a liking for kicking
Sylvia in the crotch to the point where an autopsy showed Sylvia's shattered
pubic bone.

This film, however, tries to portray a troubled, but sometimes
sympathetic, Gertrude. I do not agree with how the viewer is made to
Gertrude and not sympathize with his views not as a monster, but as a
semi-normal person who was, for reasons of poverty, frustration
and fear in society of the judgement of their children, driven to commit this heinous crime
. I know that the director is trying to avoid an excess of the top
sensationalism with this story, but if you read the accounts of what actually happened
That in this case, this movie is to be a < br> muted version. However, it is worth seeing.

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