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(horror, mystery, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie The TommyknockersThe small town of Haven becomes a hot-bed of inventions all run by a strange green power device. The whole town is digging something up in the woods, and only an alcoholic poet can unfathom the secret of the tommyknockers.


Jimmy Smits as Jim 'Gard' Gardner
Marg Helgenberger as Roberta 'Bobbi' Anderson
John Ashton as Trooper Butch Duggan
Allyce Beasley as Deputy Becka Paulson
Robert Carradine as Bryant Brown
Joanna Cassidy as Sheriff Ruth Merrill
Annie Corley as Marie Brown
Cliff De Young as Joe Paulson
Traci Lords as Nancy Voss
E.G. Marshall as Ev Hillman
Chuck Henry as Chaz Stewart
Leon Woods as Hilly Brown
Paul McIver as Davey Brown
Yvonne Lawley as Mabel Noyes
Bill Johnson as Elt Barker
John Power

This adaptation of Stephen King's novel leaves much to be desired. Even the
is a slow reader, but some key elements of the novel and lead
the characters are completely revised for the film The King and the intention is to
wayside. A UFO crash forestland in monitoring Haven, Maine and the impact
craft burrows into the ground. Eminent vibrations of the alien craft has
citizens creating mechanical gadgets for no good reason, while
number of people who simply disappear or gravitate to excavate the site
trying to dig up the foreign ship.

Jimmy Smits seems out of place playing the alcoholic writer and eventual
hero. Their clumsy performance still shines the rest of the cast, except
for Marg Helgenberger. She is very easy on the eyes and plays her character
impeccable. Former porn star Traci Lords lot of work still needs to move
into mainstream films. His part was played over the top and becomes quite irritating
. It's not as abrasive as Allyce Beasley and Robert Carradine. Cliff De Young
cheating husband plays effortlessly. Joanna Cassidy and eg
Marshall round out the diverse cast.

special effects, namely foreigners buried in the boat are quite higher
notch a fact-for-TV project. Stephen King is my favorite writer and I do
have to agree with those who think that it is not Tommyknockers
where near his best work. But in this case, read the book first and then see the
presentation. It is not what might have been better ....

The Tommyknockers novel was one of Steve King's previous attempts to do
sci-fi, and is only moderately successful. King merged his usual
horror plot structure to a basic formula alien possession and plot
adds its strong character development level. The characters were
in this case, deserves better than the plot. John Power's three-hour TV adaptation
leaves most of the story intact, but a few drops of
crazies and more absurd elements of the original work. Even without reading the original
, those familiar with the work of King will realise the
restricted manner in which the climax takes place.

In the woods behind Bobbie Anderson (Marg Helgerson) home, something
is buried. Some say it's a curse india, some say it's a sacred place,
but in general, members of the small New England town of Derry
not go there. But one day while recovering alcoholic
her boyfriend Jim Gardner (Jimmy Smits) is not doing a reading of poetry, Bobbie and his dog Pete
start digging. Soon, he began to experiment Derry
miracles, accompanied by green lights are illuminated.

The casting is excellent, and with the exception of an overcooked
performance Traci Lords, is quite good. Smits and
Helgerberger are very good. The characterizations in three hours
fairly long film represent the original work, but the script lacks some of
original punch. Cinematography is solid for a television show and film
special effects are good. Tommyknockers is well edited, with competition
directed and quite entertaining, but, like the original novel,
is not part of King's best works.

Recommended for fans of King. Weakly recommended for Sci-Fi fans.

Download Tommyknockers, The
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