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Download Movie Beer LeagueBeer, broads and baseball combine with hilarious results in ARTIE LANGE'S BEER over-the-top comedy about a group of misfits whose weekly softball games seem to have a lot more to do with getting into fights for macho dominance than hitting home runs. Artie is an unemployed and unmotivated drunk that is predictably still living with his mother. He is on a losing softball team, and he and his teammates are facing the end of softball as they know it if they can't pull it together. When love enters his life, it unexpectedly alters Artie's low self-esteem, and the odds for winning, not only the league trophy, but a new life, are certainly looking up. He and his teammates will have to go for the win, and survive all the comedy and chaos along the way.


Artie Lange as Artie DeVanzo
Ralph Macchio as Maz
Anthony DeSando as Dennis Mangenelli
Cara Buono as Linda Salvo
Jimmy Palumbo as Johnny Trinno
Jerry Minor as Tim
Laurie Metcalf as Artie's Mom
Seymour Cassel as Dirt
Michael Deeg as Alfonse
Elizabeth Regen as Gina
Maddie Corman as Marilyn
Joe Lo Truglio as Dave
Kamal Ahmed as Umpire #3
Armin Amiri as Steakhouse Waiter
Todd Barry as Creepy Guy Down the Shore
Frank Sebastiano

I must admit, I was surprised that this film was so much fun.
My wife and I saw this afternoon, but did appreciate the film more
her, he did laugh pretty hard in some scenes. Do not take the
children, but get a babysitter and go see this movie!

While this was a show on Saturday evening, we can still
surprise that really has to "see" for a seat rather than just walk in and take
which we wanted.

There were times in this movie that people were laughing so hard that
we could not hear what was said then. I do not think that this has happened
during a movie I've seen since American Pie.
I am a fan of Howard Stern and Artie became a fan when replacing Jackie
(F Jackie!). I went to this movie for the sole purpose of supporting
Artie. The "T & A comedy about drunken party boys" genre is generally not
what I must pay to see, but hey, is that either pay $ 13 per month to listen to Artie
going crazy of total failure ... (Come to think of it, that would have been
radio classic). I was very surprised at this
movie! Of course there are things you expect to see, but I was
surprised that some of them are played. I am concerned by "Artie" and
wanted things to work with him and his girlfriend! The critics need to lighten
a little, never claimed to be Citizen Kane!
I think it is much better than most films of this kind, and with the right word of mouth
and greater coverage (which is to get through a good weekend box number
office) who can find a place with such classics as Animal House and Caddyshack
! I rooted for the good guys and bad boy hated,
and is not that what going to the cinema has been around a hundred
years? Now, when Beer League 2 next ....?

Download Beer League
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