Without a Paddle

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(adventure, comedy, mystery)
Download Movie Without a PaddleThe legendary high jacker is actually Dan Cooper. DB Cooper is the name of the man arrested shortly after the real high jacker jumped from the plane but was quickly cleared by the authorities. Unfortunately, the newspapers picked up DB Cooper's name instead of Dan Cooper and the name stuck.


Matthew Price as Young Tom
Andrew Hampton as Young Jerry
Jarred Rumbold as Young Dan
Carl Snell as Young Billy
Antony Starr as Billy Newwood
Dax Shepard as Tom Marshall
Matthew Lillard as Jerry Conlaine
Seth Green as Dan Mott
Nadine Bernecker as Angie
Danielle Cormack as Tony
David Stott as Dick Stark
Bonnie Somerville as Denise
Scott Adsit as Greasy Man
Morgan Reese Fairhead as Sandi
Liddy Holloway as Bonnie Newwood
Steven Brill

I loved this movie when I first saw him. It has a great cast, and I just kept
in laughter and laughter. I was in the mood for something funny
after seeing Open Water. (This film was good, but I felt depressed after seeing
...) In any case, the film has some very good laughs, and
that never fails to deliver some of the funniest joke and citations
never ... but if you do not get the humor, then you really should not
see the film. Much of the humor is very simple-to toilet humor, as well as the
who despise this type of film, then if you see it, you could have done a lot for
rewind on the tape, DVD or, if you do not understand
their dialogue. Basically, three friends go to a tree house
after the death of another childhood friend, and to find a treasure map that
his friend has left for them. Being the kind of adventure, friends
established, despite the protests of another, and that is always talking about their phobic
degrees of responsibility. VA anyway, and they
established in this daring quest. But everything that can go wrong,
goes wrong, (as stated in the comments) when they are attacked by vicious
wild animals and a troop of hillbillies. But you'll love his crazy antics
since trying to find a way out of their plight. A very funny comedy
without Paddle is a fun movie to see, but if you do not understand
humor, then this will be a clearance down the drain
in his mind.

With Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, Dax Shepherd, and Rachel Blanchard
Tom, Jerry (!), Billy and Dan are four young boys who fantasize about
go to the treasure hunt adventure in the desert
Pacific Northwest. A Rascal legendary DB Cooper has called a million
botched heist dollar and the money left in the mountains. Children make a pact
that someday, somehow, they will find that money. Years later, Billy
is killed in an accident and the rest come together for his funeral.

Tom (Dax Shepard) is now a sleaze, which can not hold a job
to save himself. Jerry (Matthew Lillard) are bored to death in a boring office and
pressing for a bride and Dan (Seth Green) has become a very wimpy
doctor. His childhood sense of curiosity and adventure
has been extinguished. That is until it happens to DB Cooper's treasure map
old tree in his house gang hut.

Desperate for a last act of stupidity before
recognize their thirties, the trio begins in a rafting / camping, with DB
treasure as their ultimate goal. Of course, many obstacles and prevent them from reaching
disaster so easily. It sounds like a
older Goonies? It is. And it's a lot of fun.

Without a palette is fun and exciting, with non-stop action and set pieces
. Great panoramic picture, beautiful scenery and a particularly soft Result
to make perfect escapism. There is not a second of
boredom. Shepard, Green and Lillard (as always) are brilliant together.
Chemistry is difficult to conjure up with three main characters, but
to pull it off perfectly.

As Indiana Jones-lite coming of age comedy, with the slightest bit
dramatic character, without Paddle happens in all areas. But
not really a film you want to see again.

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