The Death and Life of Bobby Z

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(action, action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Death and Life of Bobby ZTim Kearney is an incarcerated former Marine who is offered freedom by DEA agent Tad Gruzsa in exchange for impersonating recently-late drug lord Bobby Z. Things don't go as planned, however, and Kearney ends up on the run with Bobby Z's 12-year-old son.


Paul Walker as Tim Kearney
Laurence Fishburne as Tad Gruzsa
Jason Lewis as Bobby Z
Jarrod Bunch as Security Guard
Jacob Vargas as Jorge Escobar
Rebecca Chaney as Ashley
A.J. Walsh as Paul Walker as a Kid
Richard Bairos as Drug dealer
Michael Bowen as Duke
Troy Brenna as Actor
Keith Carradine as Johnson
Adam P. Cultraro as Monk's Boat Captain
Joaquim de Almeida as Don Huertero
Christopher Dempsey as LAPD Officer
Paul Diaz as Felipe
John Herzfeld

I saw this movie last night in a special selection for the hearing
reaction. Paul Walker can really act - I was pleasantly surprised.
I initially thought it was only issued for his appearance, but you can see that
has good capacity to act.

movie was fun, it has worked well and I enjoyed it. The action at the scene
kitchen was big and intense, I stood at the edge of my seat.

Lawrence Fishburn - as always - fantastic! He is a solid actor and his role as the
DEA agent worked perfectly.

Paul quite love interest (Olivia Wilde from the OC) was
lack chemistry.

Chuck Liddell, although only the beginning of the film is
convincing. There was also a girl named Ashley, I would like to see more
. She's hot!

The guy seems to have a career ahead of him.
The relationship between the boy and Paul Walker worked well and is credible.
Not sure I've seen him before, but he may have a promising career.

I liked the script of the film - which begins with a flashback
mystery and kept me trying to figure out what was going to happen next.
I liked the movie can not wait to see see on the big screen. I hope that if
leaving soon.
Feeling and looking like a long episode of CSI, "Death and the
Life of Bobby Z" is uninspiring and boring. The story is silly and convoluted
, which usually lack a brightness-Paul Walker impersonate a legendary
drug dealer, played by the delightfully floppy hair
Jason Lewis. Laurence Fishburne plods along with one of the numbers wrong
paper and Olivia Wilde as the love interest, women drive and is boring
mediocre. Paul Walker is one of the worst actors in Hollywood today. How
keep getting work? Not very inspired, but less than
discerning viewers can enjoy the full operation and
gunfire and explosions. Repeat!

Download Death and Life of Bobby Z, The
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