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Download Movie ClockwiseBrian Stimpson is the headmaster of a comprehensive (high) school in England. He sets himself, his staff and pupils very high standards. On the way to a conference at which he is to talk, all manner of disasters strike.


John Cleese as Brian Stimpson
Penny Leatherbarrow as Woman Teacher
Howard Lloyd-Lewis as Ted
Jonathan Bowater as Clint
Stephen Moore as Mr. Jolly
Alison Steadman as Gwenda Stimpson
Mark Bunting as Studious Boy
Robert Wilkinson as Streaker
John Bardon as Ticket Collector
Mark Burdis as Glen Scully
Nadia Sawalha as Mandy Kostakis
Dickie Arnold as Man at Station
Angus MacKay as First Class Passenger
Peter Needham as Porter
Peter Lorenzelli as Taxi Driver
Christopher Morahan

Most of the striking things about this minor classic of the mid-80's are
director Christopher Morahan who was the first movie since 1969, and
Cleese's character is based on a real-life director ! John Cleese based the

character in the head of his daughter in school, and I can tell you the real

head life is so deliciously nutty as Stimpson.

time obsessing Mr Stimpton, head of a regular school
UK considers himself president of the Conference of Directors and has to come to Norwich for

address their meeting. Everything goes wrong in the way, despite

Stimpson's meticulous planning, and because of his obsessive character that becomes more and more
frayed at the edges as things go wrong.

There are some observations on human nature in a great movie that moves
fast enough to keep the laughter but not so fast that you miss nothing.

perhaps not very Cleese better job, but a classic, however minor.
In general, under a fee, as most have said. Chris was to continue his career Morahan
film directors with the excellent thriller "Paper Tiger
in 1990, among others.
There are a large number of films that are painful in their bland

And one that few manage to pull it off, and remained almost funny
worldwide, over a period of several years.

John Cleese This vehicle since the mid-1980s, manages to fit into the latter category
- is simply a very well-prepared traditional comedy, which
is impossible not to be touched.

Here is Cleese much in the manner of Basil Fawlty, as an aspiring
head-teacher to keep things just do not run smoothly, when it really matters

Other elements of the classic British attack are there - the big
misunderstandings, getting people naked, well-intentioned, from ladies who
say the wrong things at the wrong time and, course, Geoffrey Palmer as a straight man

And only a touch of surrealism poignant in the way the final minute
leader in the credits is played out, to offset the production
traditional values.

It's simple, and unchallenging, and probably the best film on
advanced ever made. High praise indeed for something as

Download Clockwise
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