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(biography, drama)
Download Movie Factory GirlA beautiful, wealthy young party girl drops out of Radcliffe in 1965 and heads to New York to become Holly Golightly. When she meets a hungry young artist named Andy Warhol, he promises to make her the star she always wanted to be. And like a super nova she explodes on the New York scene only to find herself slowly lose grip on reality...


Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick
Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol
Hayden Christensen as Musician
Jimmy Fallon as Chuck Wein
Jack Huston as Gerard Malanga
Armin Amiri as Ondine
Tara Summers as Brigid Polk
Mena Suvari as Richie Berlin
Shawn Hatosy as Syd Pepperman
Beth Grant as Julia Warhol
James Naughton as Fuzzy Sedgwick
Edward Herrmann as James Townsend
Illeana Douglas as Diana Vreeland
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ingrid Superstar
Don Novello as Mort Silvers
George Hickenlooper

It is utterly incomprehensible how to reach the big screen
. The script does not provide the background for any of the characters or
politics of the era in which it worked,
make history superfluous. Guy Pearce is too "macho" in every sense of the word
to effectively portray the androgyny of Warhol.
Hayden Christensen - a wonderful actor when you get the opportunity -
place outside the page as if still in the front of the Star Wars
green screen.

Miller - so promising in "Alfie" - is abysmal. His performance
betrays a lack of experience by acting tough. Of course, the script and direction
give him anything to work, but his face shows no
any knowledge of historical time in which he lived Edie
or what made their mark. Granted these are issues on which an actor
must have your own personal "take". Miller, but did not even bother
do so. She seems happy in itself just to walk through the screen and
she strives for nothing more. No wonder that in all
who lost out to the less well-known Lena Headey for the lead female role in

The screen lights up to the final 60 seconds, when Meredith Ostrom
appears as Nico. Unfortunately, it disappears as quickly as

The final cut is an outrageous insult to Sedgwick, Warhol, Dylan, the Velvet Underground
and the public itself.
The film is cliche after cliche, with two-dimensional characters and a
flat, uninspired script. To be fair, Sienna Miller does a wonderful job
with the material that has been given. Unfortunately, not much to work.

One of the major flaws in the Factory Girl is that there is no character that
as he can. I was not sure who is supposed to care about,
possibly because it was not the character that has ever been developed sufficiently to move
its surface. It's hard to describe Andy Warhol on film, after all,
versions that have been made, and his own status as icon rather than
man. This movie was just the point, playing it in a way that
felt more like a parody of a person.

Time and again, the film takes the easy way, after his
Special School description of the use of drugs to the predictable dialogue,
walks through Central Park, even the establishment of the photo of the Eiffel Tower to
show "Hey, look, you're in Paris!"

New York is seen as a joint study, and filmmakers to
Impression that they are not yet familiar with the city. A taxi was said to be
"2nd and Fifth Avenue," where something of a massive concert is
place - despite the fact that the address is in the East Village
, with only the mother and pop shops and small bars in the area.

The casting is nothing if not bizarre. Hayden Christensen as Bob Dylan,
Sorry, "Billy Quinn," comes out as a dogmatic (although incredibly
appropriate and Gentile) idiot with a guitar, Guy Pearce is too attractive for
Andy, while Sienna Miller does not have that Edie of the gentle beauty.

The biggest crime is that many people this will be the first
introduction to Edie Sedgwick, and they are going with an impression of
a simple, available girl - with none of its charm , Whose problems
can be perfectly wrapped in a few lines about his father. Andy
its entry into the world is but an entry to a party, and his
fall is just a soap decline.

If you have any interest in Edie Sedgwick at all, do yourself a favor and see
Ciao Manhattan, but by all means, avoid Factory Girl.

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