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Download Movie Goodbye BafanaGOODBYE BAFANA is the true story of a white South African racist whose life was profoundly altered by the black prisoner he guarded for twenty years. The prisoner's name was Nelson Mandela.


Joseph Fiennes as James Gregory
Dennis Haysbert as Nelson Mandela
Diane Kruger as Gloria Gregory
Shiloh Henderson as Brett Gregory
Patrick Lyster as Maj Pieter Jordaan
Faith Ndukwana as Winnie Mandela
Mehboob Bawa as Ahmed Kathrada
Adrian Galley as Brigadier Kemp
Warrick Grier as Vann Niekerk
Leslie Mongezi as Walter Sisulu
Sizwe Msutu as Cyril Ramaphosa
Matthew Roberts as National security agent
Eduan van Jaarsveldt as Sgt Chris Brits
Terry Pheto as Zindzi Mandela
Giulia Troiano as Voice Italian Version
Bille August

I had high expectations for this movie as Nelson Mandela is by far the
most important political figure of our time (perhaps second only to
Gandhi), and as such deserves every bit of that tribute
can be sent your way.

"Goodbye Bafana" should have been the sum
praise for this extraordinary man, but never reached the potential that lurks just beneath the surface

One reason for this is the fact that the deadline that has to be covered
is too large for the time being put aside saying. As a result, the
movie jumps from episode to episode or highlight to highlight
because all aspects of the two men should be told. This way of telling the story
leaves the characters and developed under a
dimensional. Especially the change of Gregory (Fiennes) intolerant of humanitarian
seems to occur overnight.

The main men are excellent as the prisoner and the guard, but the
pace of the film is fast and does not give time to deepen the relationship
, because there are so many events taking to be covered.

The film gets 5 stars from the performance and adjustments, the
direction prevents it from achieving greatness.
Joseph Fiennes has always regarded a bit like a spider monkey in my opinion, but
in this movie was better than in any role that he saw him in
before, doing what I thought was a competent working with the South Africa
well as the accent. Finally free from having to play the sex symbol,
Ralph's younger brother could finally concentrate on the reality
challenge himself with a complex role. In a film based on a true story
, Fiennes plays James Gregory, a South African racist whose guard
are certainties, however, shaken to the core over the span of twenty years
- the time it passed as Nelson Mandela from prison.
The merit of the film depends largely shows the daily application of a major historical
abomination - Apartheid - through the lives of "little
people," the men and women of the South Africa thanks to whom it is perpetuated
. These are "ordinary" white people who are neither heroes nor villains
but dull conformists. The violence of the system
in its white citizens was considerably more hidden in his black
, but it is violence all the same: it is the obligation to stay
as ignorant as possible. The alternative was to be pursued by the
status quo.

Dennis Haysbert as Nelson Mandela was appropriately stoic and charismatic,
a positive contribution to Forest Whitaker's Idi Amin villain of
The Last King of Scotland. Diane Kruger was definitely better cast as a
"normally" racist, suburban hairdresser wife and mother of two children who
as Helen of Troy. At the end of Goodbye, Bafana, I was a little
moved. My main complaint with the film was that, like the vast majority of Africans
-set, historical films made recently,
Nelson Mandela and all the characters in black Africa were largely
from the outside, through the eyes whiteys. These films' directors
all need to sit in a dark room and watch The Battle of Algiers, along
at some point ...

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