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Download Movie For Your ConsiderationHollywood send-up. No-name actors are making a low-budget period drama called "Home for Purim," when an anonymous post on the Internet suggests that one performance is Oscar-worthy. Then, two more cast members get Oscar-related press: buzz in "Variety" and appearances on TV prompt the studio executives to insist on changes in the script in anticipation of a blockbuster. Jump ahead a few months to the days before Oscar nominees are announced: just the possibility of a nomination has changed the actors' lives. Agents, publicists, make-up artists, local celebrity reporters, and other bit players round out the backstage ensemble. Hooray for Hollywood!


Catherine O'Hara as Marilyn Hack
Stephen Rannazzisi as Studio Gate Guard
Ed Begley Jr. as Sandy Lane
Eugene Levy as Morley Orfkin
Harry Shearer as Victor Allan Miller
Christopher Moynihan as Brian Chubb
Christopher Guest as Jay Berman
John Michael Higgins as Corey Taft
Carrie Aizley as Pam Campanella
Stephanie Courtney as Boom Operator
Suzy Nakamura as First AC
Jim Piddock as Simon Whitset
Jane Morris as Script Supervisor
Jennifer Coolidge as Whitney Taylor Brown
Jordan Black as Whitney's Assistant
Christopher Guest

I look forward to Christopher Guest films in the same way Ralphie
did much for his beloved Red Ryder BB Gun in "A Christmas Story". Bathrooms
with his deadpan wit, Guest's mockumentaries such
have been targeted satire show business that is difficult to know when the
script stops and reality begins improvised. But that's a lot of fun with
his films, even though his newest is the easiest of the bunch
structured. Along with the constant co-writer and co-star
Eugene Levy, Guest takes an objective ripe with possibilities in this 2006 comedy
, harassing the Oscar season before the nominations, and surprisingly
that the waiver interview format in favour of a more traditional narrative
. I must admit that miss a part of this dynamic because
chamber realism led to some of the more amusing moments
in previous films.

with gratitude, which has been kept from his other films are stellar host
joint company comic actors, and this time an even larger share
cast has met none of which disappoint in this output. The plot focuses
in producing a low-budget film study determined, "House of Purim,"
an era of the Second World War the family melodrama about a Jewish family to face Georgia
with the terminally ill mother and the daughter of
emergence as a lesbian. Directed by an authoritarian government with a nebbish Art Garfunkel
hairstyle called Jay Berman, the film seems too sincere
a piece of tripe, but a blogger in one of the film scheduled
leading lady Marilyn Hack , Resigned, beyond the horizon B-actress,
was nominated for an Oscar. Thus begins an Oscar buzz surrounding the two other
nominal directors of the film, hot-dog pitchman Victor Allen Miller and
"serious" actress Callie Webb, and the wave of publicity
drastically changed leadership and marketing
the film even before it is completed.

Guest and Levy fully grasp the superficial pandering that occurs when
rumour is in full swing, and in particular ridicule from ignorance
and antiquated thinking of those who are in
this lightning in a bottle of situation. There are acids JABs all
infotainment programs - "Entertainment Tonight", "MTV TRL", "
The Charlie Rose Show" and "Ebert & Roeper" - but this is
character-driven farce, and several stand out. In turn, Marilyn as a brave, wonderful
and increasingly reliable Catherine O'Hara superbly captures the evolution of
almost overnight forgotten actress in timeworn
botox-infused , A division of squeezing wannabe A-Lister. Harry Shearer is
his best showcase yet as to make Victor mouthy whose agent Morley
Orfkin refuses to take his calls until the ringing of visits. As Callie,
Parker Posey is more reactive in the way here, although she has a funny
Sandra Bernhard-like bit with his character is one-woman show, "No Penis Intended

All other gets less screen time, but they all provide memorably
riotous contributions - as Berman Guest, Levy as Morley, Jennifer Coolidge as
CLUELESS producer Whitney Taylor Brown, Michael John Higgins as
bromide spouting publicist Corey Taft, Don Lake and Michael Hitchcock as
love it / hate that film critics, Michael McKean and Bob Balaban as the academic
screenwriters, Ed Begley Jr. Marilyn's
as fey hairdresser (and biggest fan), Ricky Gervais as the oily studio honcho,
and best of all, as entertainment TV co-host Fred Willard as
-- Mohawk Moussa Chuck Porter and Jane Lynch as gam-
showcasing Mary Hart-knockoff Cindy Martin. I imagine that the reputation of the host
is why you see such high-profile players such as Sandra Oh and Craig Bierko in
nothing but bit parts here. The film takes a sharp turn toward
so surprising that vitriol added to laughter, and
vituperative tone makes the procedure even more devastating and
resonant. More or less like "A Mighty Wind" with its dramatic hangover,
it is not as laugh-out-loud as "Waiting for Guffman" and "Best in Show
," but shows a maturing of the host in conducting films
technique that is most welcome.
I am one of Christopher Guest biggest fans, after WADA Spinal Tap
A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman ... but things
fact that each of these films so wonderful -
extravagant characters share their lives with the camera - seem to be missing here. The cast of
Home for Purim, the movie within the movie, is not very good. They are not supposed to be
. The story is melodramatic and find those players
themselves believe they are better than they are.
Unfortunately for us, the characters are not only fun to watch. It
something like Lisa Kudrow short-lived show, The Comeback. You see
several characters more fashion-with an excess of expectations and
is only an unfortunate train wreck.

That said, the players are in tremendous FYC. Each brings his character
home. The story also said, possibly, a story worth telling, but it has too
of "Oh". panache of the British version of The Office
and not enough of laughter-out-loud moments.

I can not wait to see Mr Guest's future films (not to mention
look up some of their back catalogue!) and each of the major cast:
Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Eugene Levy, Harry Shearer, and
everyone else. I just wish that this film made me laugh more.

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