The Ghost and the Darkness

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(action, adventure, drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie The Ghost and the DarknessIn 1896, a construction engineer from the British Army, J.H. Patterson (Kilmer) is sent to build a railway bridge across Uganda's Tsavo River for the British East African Railway. Soon after he arrives, workmen begin to disappear at night from their tents - never to be seen alive again. The engineer soon discovers that a pair of man-eating lions are stalking around the bridge and campsites, killing the workmen for food. He tries a number of different methods to get rid of them, but the beasts always seem to know what Patterson is doing and avoid being shot. After 30 men have been killed Patterson's boss recruits a hunter, Charles Remington (Douglas) to hunt down and destroy the lions. But the lions continue killing the workmen until they flee the camps, jumping onto the train as it rolls through Tsavo. Now Remington, Patterson & his aide (John Kani) must face these brilliant yet frightening monsters alone.


Michael Douglas as Charles Remington
Val Kilmer as Col. John Henry Patterson
Tom Wilkinson as Robert Beaumont
John Kani as Samuel
Bernard Hill as Dr. David Hawthorne
Brian McCardie as Angus Starling
Emily Mortimer as Helena Patterson
Om Puri as Abdullah
Henry Cele as Mahina
Kurt Egelhof as Indian Victim
Satchu Annamalai as Worker #1
Teddy Reddy as Worker #2
Raheem Khan as Worker #3
Jack Devnarain as Nervous Sikh Orderly
Glen Gabela as Orderly #1
Stephen Hopkins

I've always found that this is an excellent based on a true story
adventure movie that has every interest.
Has some great suspense and the history is fascinating. It has not always been graded
among my top 50 films. A good surround sound system here does not hurt, either

Stan Winston, one of the best special-effects men at the company,
lent his talent to this film, while Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas are most appropriate in terms
of comedy and African countries with freckles
(sorry, I do not have his name) is really a likeble companions.

Except in the case of the first, the lion attack scenes are horrible and
filmmakers did a good job to have a fair amount of action
and calm. Nor is exaggerated. This film has never been much reason
but I've never shown to anyone who does not have depth.

This movie scared me so much that ceased to hunt lions. It is not only fun

Coloneal John Henry Patterson (Val Kilmer), has been recruited to go to
Africa and the engineer building a bridge. This pleases him very much because
Africa is a continent that has studied and dreamed of visiting. Patterson has
has given a deadline of five months by her employer hated Beaumont (Tom Wilkinson
), but he remains confident that work can be done
until something goes wrong. The workers are being killed by a ferocious lion, which the natives
believe are the spirits of medicine men trying to escape from Africa
white man. Beaumont was angered by this delay, so it hires
Charles Remington (Michael Douglas) a well-known hunter. They corner, but the lion was stopped by another
, that the clashes because the lions of this sort have always hunted
alone. What follows is a struggle between man and animals that are
the increasingly personal battle, as well as deadly.

remember when "Jurassic Park" was released and complained that critics
the scenes without the dinosaurs lacked luster. Although I disagree
when it comes to that movie, I think it is more appropriate with "The Ghost and the Darkness
." Before the lions came into the picture there was not much except
of photography Vilmos Zsigmand which was totally fine shooting
. The characters were quite entertaining, though Douglas
recycling as a version of his character Jack Colton in "After the
Stone," and Wilkinson was the way in the sense that they are credible. This story was
more exciting when the lions attacked it reminds me a lot of
"Jaws". The use of real animals helped, but the success of effect was mainly due to the
Stan Winston Animatronics, which are absolutely terrifying. Even when
lions are not in sight as in the excellent scene of blood when the two main characters
tried to attract, or the scene of the cave, knowing that only two animals can
show up to keep the suspense high level.

I was very excited in several scenes. The lions are the stars of the film
slight criticism is that the characters, but even more is
credit for Winston and his team of hard work that has created "Jaws" on the ground with the
terrifying image of a natural phenomenon. I kind

"The Ghost and the Darkness" Six out of ten stars strengths.

Download Ghost and the Darkness, The
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