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(action, drama, war)
Download Movie Home of the BraveThe day after they get the word they'll go home in two weeks, a group of soldiers from Spokane are ambushed in an Iraqi city. Back stateside we follow four of them - a surgeon who saw too much, a teacher who's a single mom and who lost a hand in the ambush, an infantry man whose best friend died that day, and a soldier who keeps reliving the moment he killed a civilian woman. Each of the four has come home changed, each feels dislocation. Group therapy, V.A. services, halting gestures from family and colleagues, and regular flashbacks keep the war front and center in their minds. They're angry, touchy, and explosive: can a warrior find peace back home?


Samuel L. Jackson as Will Marsh
Jessica Biel as Vanessa Price
Brian Presley as Tommy Yates
Christina Ricci as Sarah Schivino
50 Cent as Jamal Aiken
Chad Michael Murray as Jordan Owens
Joyce M. Cameron as Grace Owens
Victoria Rowell as Penelope Marsh
Wes Deitrick as Older Vet
Jeffrey Nordling as Cary
Jhon Goodwin as Police Sergeant
Vyto Ruginis as Hank Yates
Sam Jones III as Billy Marsh
Nike Imoru as Dr. Barbara Jaric
James MacDonald as Ray
Irwin Winkler

If you are an OIF VET, you should see this movie. If
have never been in combat, you may want to skip it. I saw with my significant other
and that is the best 2 hours of our lives. I am very proud of my
service and those serving with. The film is incredibly precise and
was worth the wait. If you're waiting for a Shoot 'Em Up movie, go to
and consider enlisting in the army. If you want to know what is really
battle as the disorganization, confusion, the odd moments, this movie is
. I can not say enough about the players. Even recalling the traumatic events
is dead on. The girl in the movie was dead on.
You do not remember as a film, is broken bits and pieces with important details left
odd clips and small (like a lollipop), which stick. THANKS
you to make this movie. If you're a vet, to see the film and find a veterinarian
I am a student of cinema tonight and producer Rob Cowan came to our campus
to show the first advanced screening of this film. Naturally,
many students took advantage of this in the hope of seeing a decent, entertaining movie
... However, they are not enough words to describe how horrible this movie
. I knew that going into this movie that probably will not be
participation of some, powerful drama of war, but still leave something to
public satisfied. The reasons why this film was horrible 1. The
is absurd, not a character (Samuel L., Jessica Biel, 50 Cent
(obviously)) are well acted in any way. 2. It is one of the most
poorly written that I was too private. Feeding off today
debates on the war in Iraq, the script is mounted with cliches and
life feels like a movie gone wrong. 3. The address said, the
less is an absolute disgrace. This film is horribly structured and
a complete headache as a result 4. 50 Cent. Go on, I was ready to give
the benefit of the doubt and judge their ability to act fairly
without prior stigmas. Unfortunately, the moment when he opened his mouth that
erasing any doubt that it has absolutely no place in this movie

Normally, I'm not a big fan of completely trashing a movie.
I think that my view is mine and it is a mistake to spread than others.
With that said, I can say that this is a film of which I have
no problem doing so. If in case you want to judge
yourself, do not say we did not warn you when your cursing out the movie theater manager for
not give you a refund.

Download Home of the Brave
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