Resurrecting the Champ

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(drama, sport)
Download Movie Resurrecting the ChampUp-and-coming sports reporter (Hartnett) rescues a homeless man ("Champ", Jackson) only to discover that he is, in fact, a boxing legend believed to have passed away. What begins as an opportunity to resurrect Champ's story and escape the shadow of his father's success becomes a personal journey as the ambitious reporter reexamines his own life and his relationship with his family.


Samuel L. Jackson as Champ
Josh Hartnett as Erik Kernan
Kathryn Morris as Joyce Kernan
Dakota Goyo as Teddy Kernan
Alan Alda as Ralph Metz
Rachel Nichols as Polly
Teri Hatcher as Andrea Flak
Kristen Shaw as Perlmutter
Nick Sandow as Rocky Marciano
David Paymer as Whitley
Harry J. Lennix as Robert Satterfield Jr.
Peter Coyote as Ike Epstein
Ryan McDonald as Kenny
Chris Ippolito as Jaws
Jameson Trenholm as Runt
Rod Lurie

This was a very entertaining movie with just the right mix of
action, drama, romance and intrigue. The latter - a big shock that
produces two thirds of the way through history - gives it its unique flavor
. Otherwise, is still a beautiful story of fathers and sons and
love and respect which is so important between the two of them.
Also involves husbands and wives reconcile.

I saw Samuel L. Jackson in a lot of movies and so I am very conscious
what a fine actor that he is therefore not surprised me, was so good at this
film. However, I was surprised even to their performance.
It's definitely the best character I've seen play, partly because of its role
sentimental, but even more, simply because he dominated this movie.
Josh Hartnett is fine to co-lead role in this story is
Jackson but I really interested in every scene.

This is a story very participatory and grab him not to miss. What is it about boxing
stories, or stories involving boxers,
that make them so memorable? I do not know, but I have seen very few and ill
certainly not boring. Many of them, like this one, have more than one
human element is not only a sport history. In reality, there is not a lot
ring action in this movie, so it is not a label film boxing.
As a drama, or whatever you want to label, this is a fine and a movie
good way to spend two hours.

highly recommended.
I just house the world premiere of Resurrecting the Champ
the Sundance Film Festival. It's everything you hoped it would be
and more. The first half of the film focuses primarily on Erik (Josh Hartnett
) to get to know more about Champ (Samuel L. Jackson), a
homeless man, who was formerly a professional boxer known for A document
news article. In a turn of events toward the end of the film, Erik
winds up having more in common with the struggle of the Champ in life as a child with his father and then
like a father to his son , That he thought he would never
. Erik has to reassess his own relationship with his son, wife,
and recently deceased father, and correct some errors that were made in the past
with each of them. Everything ties together so beautifully
at the end of the film is very moving. The film has
the perfect mix of humor and seriousness. The casting is perfect
for this movie from top to bottom and all the acting is wonderful. I
not be surprised if all this film does very well in cinemas
and also some big-time win prizes. People who enjoy sports movies
this love, but there's a lot more depth to the film just that,
it's okay if your not the kind of sports. The deeper messages and themes
for this movie have nothing to do with sport, and focus more on
make good choices in life, and accept that we are all going through the
imperfect life. Go see that as soon as humanly possible!

Download Resurrecting the Champ
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