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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie Sleeping MurderBBC TV adaption of the Agatha Christie's novel. A young recently married woman, Gwenda Reed, comes back to England after living most of her life in New Zealand. While her husband, Giles, is out of the country she buys a house for them and starts recalling memories which make her start to think that perhaps she had lived in the house before. It's only then, while dining out with friends, that a chance remark triggered off a frightening memory, as a little girl, looking down at a woman's body and the murderer with "monkey paws" hands. Gwenda is determined to find out the sources of this memory. The killer, thought that he/she was safe after eighteen years and is prepared to kill to cover up the past. But Gwenda has help as one of her dining friends is Raymond West, who has a very special Aunt who is willing to help Gwenda - Miss Jane Marple...


Joan Hickson as Miss Jane Marple
Geraldine Alexander as Gwenda Reed
John Moulder-Brown as Giles Reed
Frederick Treves as Dr James Kennedy
Jean Anderson as Mrs. Fane
Terrence Hardiman as Walter Fane
John Bennett as Richard Erskine
Geraldine Newman as Janet Erskine
Jack Watson as Mr. Foster
Joan Scott as Mrs. Cocker
Jean Heywood as Edith Paget
Georgine Anderson as Mrs. Hengrave
Edward Jewesbury as Mr. Sims
David McAllister as Raymond West
Amanda Boxer as Joan West
John Davies

Which movie! Watching 'Sleeping Murder "frightens me more than any other film
Miss Marple, mainly due to the order. The version with Joan Hickson
was much, much better than with Geraldine Mcewan,
mainly because the manager stuck to the plot and not add a silly
romance between the hero and his assistant, presumably to heat
the heart of the audience. I thought that the house was used only right, and
gradual tension caused by new discoveries (some horrible)
added an emotion to the plot. The actress was found with the main character of a genuine Damisela
in danger and her husband loyal and dedicated. One of the few films
frightened me.
Adaptations of 1980 starring Joan Hickson are partly the slow
modern standards. This was done in the last golden age of television
before it was ruined by too many channels and the advent of MTV
attention - which has affected, unfortunately, all of us, I fear. This version
is lovingly prepared with delicious period details.

Although, in his slow, this version is not to build sufficiently different
suspects as threatening, is a good version that keeps
quite faithful to the book. Geraldine Alexander is excellent as Gwenda
to my ears and makes a super New Zealand accent. John Brown is a trainer-
let-down as unconvincing animatronic her husband, dressed gent
the vendor styles of the time, but too mannered
Elocution its perfect. Joan Hickson does its thing very well as usual.

It is interesting (if depressing) to compare this with parody
version starring Geraldine Mcewan, where the plot has been mangled -
illegible and - beyond recognition.

Download Sleeping Murder
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