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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie At Bertram's HotelMiss Jane Marple is staying at an elegant hotel from her childhood compliments of her nephew Raymond. Also there is international adventurer Bess Sedgwick and Lady Selena Hazy (Joan Greenwood in her next to last performance). A doorman working at the hotel turns out to be from Bess' past, and when he is killed, she is the prime suspect. But what does his murder have to do with the disappearance of an elderly vicar staying at the hotel, and a string of robberies over the last few months? Miss Marple must find out before the murderer strikes again!!!


Joan Hickson as Miss Jane Marple
Caroline Blakiston as Lady Bess Sedgwick
Helena Michell as Elvira Blake
James Cossins as Colonel Derek Luscombe
Joan Greenwood as Lady Selina Hazy
George Baker as Chief Inspector Fred Davy
Douglas Milvain as Sir Ronald Graves
Philip Bretherton as Detective Inspector Campbell
Preston Lockwood as Canon Pennyfather
Irene Sutcliffe as Miss Gorringe
Brian McGrath as Michael Gorman
Neville Phillips as Henry
Robert Reynolds as Ladislaus Malinowski
Peter Baldwin as Mr. Humfries
Randal Herley as Richard Egerton
Mary McMurray

This film made of Agatha Christie's novel is about dotty characters, and
not really about crime. Christie was the teacher in developing
characters and places. This is the essence of his novels, because they will separate and very
over more routine mystery stories. There

Miss Marple, the epitome of the spinster lady of good manners and breeding
, if a bit part in the questioning. Always aware of what is happening
around it, gathering all the facts and gossip that will be used to solve the murder
that baffled the police. Joan Hickson played the best Miss Marple
; was Miss Marple - all cardigans and tweed skirts. There

Col Luscombe graduating old who could not be more inappropriate for
its role as guardian of a comely girl. CLUELESS as to parenting, and as unfeeling
old, and that can only be single. There

Lady Selina Hazy, a dotty old dear if ever was one. Ever
the outside, knowing something about each one, she is the quintessence
lady who rattles and continues. See her stick to Miss Marple, like gum to a shoe
. And Miss Marple
gentlewoman is enough for her.

Chief Inspector Davy is deaf, if gentlemanly copper. Played by George
Baker, who is also Chief Inspector Wexford in the Ruth Rendell mysteries.
hangs over the Betram Hotel eating muffins while to investigate clandestine

some thefts.

Pennyfather Canon is the old gent ido vague, most
mind there was absolutely absent colleagues. Definitely bats in its belfry.

Miss Gorringe is the receptionist at the hotel, and increasingly stuffy
condescending to the guests.

Henry is the doorman, concierge or because we are in the exclusive Mayfair, London

Ladislaus is oily racing car driver and two-timer.

We see a fabulous cameo of an Indian waiter played by Karapiet Rashid, who has played
Dr Das in Passage to India (1984).

not see this movie for the crime, or the brilliant detective work and
smart solution. But do see if enjoy characterizations that fun.
Can See if enjoying a brilliant author at his best, preparing expert
the oddest bunch of characters ever to fill a hotel.

attentively to the director to bring these characters
"At Bertram's Hotel 'is more a character study of a whodunit.
The public is more concerned about the background stories and motivations
and this leads us to wonder who will do what to whom and why? Some
the book and see this as an adaptation of Agatha Christie's lesser efforts
. I agree the film is rather muted, but I think the novel
fascinating. The book was published, and establish, in the mid-1960 and
included references to The Beatles and counter culture. The film stays
firmly in the never-never 1950 of the BBC other Marples (
there is mention of the "horrible" new commercial ITV began broadcasting in
1955) which I think is a failure.

We Joan Hickson Tut-tutting about the new architecture of London but
is little real sense of change, a new emerging world in which a place like
Bertram ' s not have real part. It is essential to the plot
Bertram's * * has not changed since it should have. More strength,
Bertram 'old' values cover something rotten and corrupt
that should be swept.

This is a good piece of television
with excellent performances and production values, but could have been much higher. Perhaps
Agatha Christie was a big 'message' novelist, but I think there is a point at which
Bertram could have been more positive than it appears here.

Download At Bertram's Hotel
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