Pocket Full of Rye, A

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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie Pocket Full of Rye, AWealthy business man Rex Fortescue collapses when he reaches his office. It is determined that he was poisoned. No one seems too upset, as everyone agrees that Rex was a tyrant. Soon however Rex's young wife also turns up poisoned. The maid, Gladyes, whom Miss Marple trained, writes to Miss Marple asking for help. Miss Marple arrives too late, as Gladyses' body is found strangled and strung up on the clothes line. Now it's personal, and Miss Marple is determined to see the murderer punished.


Joan Hickson as Miss Jane Marple
Timothy West as Rex Fortescue
Fabia Drake as Miss Henderson
Clive Merrison as Percival Fortescue
Rachel Bell as Jennifer Fortescue
Peter Davison as Lance Fortescue
Frances Low as Patricia Fortescue
Stacy Dorning as Adele Fortescue
Martyn Stanbridge as Vivian Dubois
Tom Wilkinson as Detective Inspector Neele
Jon Glover as Detective Sergeant Hay
Selina Cadell as Mary Dove
Annette Badland as Gladys Martin
Merelina Kendall as Mrs. Crump
Frank Mills as Mr. Crump
Guy Slater

Now available on DVD from the BBC, this episode of Miss Marple is
unfortunately, plunged into complete darkness from start to finish,
what is sometimes quite difficult to see what is actually on the screen.
Perhaps this is the intention of adding to the atmosphere of the house where
action takes place, and indeed the houses of mourning
would have had their curtains drawn at the time, but need all the lights were off
as well?

Although a fairly faithful adaptation of the book, one of Agatha Christie's thrillers
later, there is a lot of detection or
thought process on site and when is presented with the murderer, my reaction was simply

When you can see, some good principles of "50" s details.

Download Pocket Full of Rye, A
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