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(crime, drama, mystery)
Download Movie They Do It with MirrorsMiss Marple is invited to London to see her old friend Ruth. Miss Marple was a sort of traveling companion to Ruth and her sister, Carrie Louise. Ruth is worried about Carrie Louise. She doesn't know why, though. Ruth asks Miss Marple to come with her to her sister's estate, Stonygates. Stonygates is a huge manor house, and some of the buildings and the grounds are used by Carrie Louises' current husband, Lewis, as a reformatory for juvenile criminals. Miss Marple meets the people who live there - Carrie Louise's grand-daughter Gina and her malcontent American husband Walter; Stephen and Alex Restarick, Carrie Louise's stepsons by her first marriage; Edgar Lawson, Lewis' mentally unstable secretary; and Carrie Louise's daughter, Mildred, who is jealous of Gina. Soon, Carrie Louise's stepson by her second marriage shows up. He is Christian Guldbrandsen, and he runs the trust which contributes a fraction of the funds used to run Stonygates. He and Lewis talk in private. Later that night, Edgar begins waving a gun around and ranting that Lewis is his father. Lewis takes him to his office where the argument becomes even more heated. After a few minutes, two shots are heard, and then hysterical crying. The door opens to reveal Lewis, unhurt. Edgar missed him. However, the body of Christian Guldbrandsen is discovered, shot. Miss Marple sets out to find the murderer before it is too late for her good friend Carrie Louise.


Joan Hickson as Miss Jane Marple
Jean Simmons as Carrie-Louise Serrocold
Joss Ackland as Lewis Serrocold
Faith Brook as Ruth van Rydock
Gillian Barge as Mildred Strete
Neal Swettenham as Edgar Lawson
David Horovitch as Chief Inspector Slack
Ian Brimble as Sergeant Lake
Christopher Villiers as Alex Restarick
Jay Villiers as Stephen Restarick
Holly Aird as Gina Hudd
Todd Boyce as Walter Hudd
Saul Reichlin as Dr. Maseryk
Matthew Cottle as Ernie Gregg
John Bott as Christian Gulbrandsen
Norman Stone

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Ted's evaluation - 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this
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The novel on which this adaptation is not basa was one of Christie's best works
to begin. But the way the (first)
the murder was carried out in the book was brilliant. In this adaptation
the exact details of the crime are shelved, the plan of the house appears briefly in the first part
no-show again to explain how the murderer
came to the victim's room, nor the sound of running steps
heard by Alex Restarick developed in this regard. Without these explanations I fear
the casual viewer may have some unanswered questions at the end of the film

The film, however, have their saving grace - in the casting
Department. Faith Brook and Jean Simmons in particular shine in their respective roles
Ruth van Rydock and Carrie-Louise Serrocold.
The two sisters' friendship with Jane Marple is best viewed in place
play the final sequence.

Download They Do It with Mirrors
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